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    7 Advantages of Tesla

    Apr 15,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    1 . The data of the automatic driving algorithm is also the biggest advantage. In the United States alone, the proportion of using FSD is very large. For other competing products, users will basically not use assisted driving at this stage. In the visual algorithm, the final competition is still the data set of the training model.

    2 . The advantage of the motor, in addition to the more prominent motor performance, is the only one other than the Lycan that can reach a top speed of more than 200. In order to increase the top speed, the day can also use a gearbox on electric vehicles.

    3 . In the design of the structure, when the wheelbase and axle load are determined, the shorter the body is, the more flexible it is, the smaller the turning radius is, and the better the structural rigidity is. I feel that it is easy to make the car bigger, but it is the most difficult to make it small. With the length of the model 3, it is not well integrated, and it is difficult for you to have its existing riding and storage space. I think if model 3 is a two-seat model, it may be more in line with his original intention, but it is unlikely that the two-seat car will sell well.

    4 . The advantage of price, which is often said, the price of Modely seems to be similar to that of Macan abroad, and Tesla in China seems to be the lowest in the world.

    5 . I like his design idea, the design intention of the model3 is to spend all the money on the inherent properties of the car. Lighter body, better suspension, and easier handling. But when it comes to the interior, I still don't think Tesla's interior is garbage. You can say that he saves money and lacks design. Everyone has different opinions, but the interior of the model 3 is not considered garbage. The edging is all leather, and it is also made of fur in places that are not easy to get dirty. There is also solid wood. The storage space in the cab is particularly large, the air conditioner outlet is also hidden, and there are two wireless charging. But because of the lack of physical buttons and dashboards, it will appear empty and monotonous.

    6 . The car system, the Tesla system is designed by itself, and all the apps cannot be downloaded and installed by themselves, but the OTA update is very frequent, basically once a month, maybe less. Except that the screen went black twice in the first two months of getting the car, there was basically no problem. I'm not very comfortable with using Android and being able to download and update apps myself using the internet.

    7 . In single pedal mode, model 3 has already driven 20,000 kilometers. I can't drive a fueled car. It can be said that I don't like to step on the brakes. Yes, I generally don't dare to drive a car that can be recycled. With kinetic energy recovery, you will no longer drive like a glider in order to save fuel and power.

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