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    7 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Tesla

    Apr 15,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    First: it is about the choice of endurance. Each Tesla model has different ranges of range for everyone to choose from. Which one is the range that is right for you? I think everyone's situation is different. Just one thing to keep in mind, the battery life on the official website is in the best condition. In the real world, it is often impossible to achieve this number. You need to check the experience of the people who have bought the car before, browse the forum more, and make sure Which version of the car is the most suitable for you, after all, the battery capacity will only decrease after the car is delivered, and it is impossible to increase it.

    Second: white interior parts. I know many people are very hesitant to choose the white interior when ordering because they are afraid that it will not be maintained well. I can tell you that the maintenance of white interiors is not much different. As long as you choose the right cleaning solution and wipe it regularly, white is no more difficult to maintain than black. So my suggestion to everyone is to buy whichever color you like, you don't need to hesitate too much, because the whole is similar.

    Third: about the choice of tires. Most of Tesla’s models can choose to increase the price for tire upgrades. Although the tires look better, they must sacrifice a lot of driving comfort and part of the battery life. These are not listed on the official website. from.

    Fourth: FSD, in the end, to buy or not. Although North America is currently testing the new version of FSD Beta, it is still unknown when it will be officially launched in China, so you can wait, I believe that China will open the FSD subscription model for car owners like North America in the future.

    Fifth: Change the order after placing the order. This has to be done with great care, especially after Tesla has adjusted the price. Tesla orders can be changed after the order is placed and before the car is delivered, whether it is the color of the car, the wheel frame, or the FSD. But he has a stipulation that the latest pricing will be applied to every change. In view of Tesla's recent price hikes, you must confirm that your order has not become more expensive when you change your order because there is no price change after the change. way to cancel.

    Sixth: Prepare the necessary spare parts first. Including but not limited to protective equipment such as film and thermal insulation paper. You should never assume that no one has knocked over coffee and cake in the car on the first day, so having a good set of floor mats is really important. Other thermal insulation paper wraps are similar in concept. If you have to do your homework and make an appointment for the thermal insulation paper service after picking up the car, some better stores often have to wait for more than half a month. During this time, your driving will be subject to high temperatures, and the paint will also run the risk of being hit by small stones.

    Seventh: Check as soon as possible when the vehicle is delivered, especially the paint part. Although I know that many people deliver the car right now, because they are very excited, or are a little unfamiliar with this car, they don't know how to check the car. In fact, it doesn't matter, as long as you don't see any major flaws, you can do a detailed inspection after the car is taken back. If there is a problem, you must tell Tesla immediately.

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