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    Audi vs. Tesla Reliability – Which Is Better?

    Jul 21,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    One would expect a comparison of Audi and Tesla reliability to be riddled with superlatives and world firsts, but that's not the case when it comes to reliability. Neither Audi nor Tesla are anywhere near as good as their competitors when it comes to reliability, especially if we're only talking about electric cars.

    While it's true that electric cars are inherently more reliable because they're simple in design and have fewer moving parts, even that doesn't make Tesla any more reliable than Audi, as Tesla still scratches the bottom end of the reliability scale.

    Audi, on the other hand, is decent when it comes to ICE cars, but the e-Tron SUV is actually as bad as most Tesla cars. The Tesla Model 3 is much better than the first generation Tesla Model S and especially the Tesla Model X, while the all-new Tesla Model Y is not as good as the Model 3.

    The most reliable Audi car is the Audi A4, while the most reliable Audi EV is the e-Tron GT, which seems to be one of the most reliable luxury EVs out there. All in all, Audi appears to be outperforming Tesla in several segments, especially considering Audi also makes internal combustion engines.

    Audi Reliability – Average at best, but heavily dependent on proper maintenance

    According to J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, and WhatCar, Audi is only mediocre. The Audi A4 is the most reliable current Audi model as it is based on a relatively old platform that has been continuously improved over time.

    The worst Audi in terms of reliability is the Q7, mainly because it is very expensive to repair. Audi's electric cars are also just mediocre, with the e-Tron SUV appearing to be the most unreliable of them all. That's because the e-Tron was developed on a standalone chassis, which wasn't the case with the rest of the Audi EV lineup.

    The Audi Q4 e-Tron shares the base with the VW ID line, while the e-Tron GT shares its platform with the Porsche Taycan. The Jaguar I Pace is arguably the most unreliable EV on the market, for the same reasons as the Jaguar I Pace SUV.

    All in all, Audis tend to suffer from the usual luxury car traits, which means you often know what can go wrong with an Audi.

    Reliability from Tesla - Everything in the green

    Tesla is a brand that offers just chaotic reliability results, as some of their models like the Model 3 seem to be supremely reliable, while others like the Model X seem like a complete mess, especially after a few years of use. The Model 3 is one of the most reliable electric cars out there, while the Model X is a collection of problems just waiting to happen.

    Many industry-leading reliability charts and organizations rank Tesla vehicles as some of the worst cars on the market. It's worth noting, however, that Tesla is doing a lot to make its cars more reliable, and it seems they've succeeded with the Model 3.

    That doesn't mean the Model 3 is flawless because it isn't. Every car has flaws, but compared to the rest of the industry, the Model 3 is decent. A big problem with a Tesla is that you never know what could go wrong as there are so many components that tend to break down.

    Conclusion: Audi is more reliable

    Audi has been making cars for decades, while Tesla only recently entered the scene. This gives Audi some continuity in terms of reliability and any potential issues that can go wrong.

    Tesla is different because you never know exactly what's going to break and when. Older Tesla models are incredibly difficult to maintain, and they're prone to all sorts of problems, both superficial and extremely expensive.

    If you take good care of an Audi, you will probably enjoy it for longer. With Teslas, on the other hand, you're never quite sure, even if you maintain them as best you can. That being said, the newer Tesla models, with the exception of the Model Y, are more comparable to Audi models.

    FAQ section

    Is a Tesla worth it?

    Many seem to forget that Tesla is primarily a software company, and that sets the company apart from most automotive companies. Tesla cars are class-leading when it comes to autonomous driving, infotainment systems, and a wealth of 21st-century tech features.

    century. So if you're looking for an efficient electric car with a best-in-class range and unrivaled charging convenience, a Tesla is a perfect choice. There are many great electric cars on the market right now, but Tesla is the easiest to use.

    Is an Audi worth it?

    Audi is one of the leading luxury car brands that typically offer innovative, stylish, and well-built cars with many luxury features. Audi offers a wide range of models, almost all of which are at the top of their segment. Therefore, finding the right Audi for you is quite easy.

    Audi cars may not be the most reliable, the cheapest, nor the most exciting cars, but they exude class and are an incredibly comfortable solution for the daily commute. Also, they are great for driving on the highway.

    Why are luxury cars unreliable?

    Luxury cars aren't as reliable as mass-produced cars because luxury car buyers aren't as interested in reliability and because luxury cars tend to be innovative and incredibly complex builds. Luxury cars offer more parts, more features, and more of everything, which ultimately means more things can go wrong.

    Also, most luxury cars come with a long warranty, which means new car buyers won't feel the blunt anyway. These types of buyers tend to sell their cars once the warranty has expired.

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