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    Does Cold Weather Affect The Tesla Battery?

    Aug 01,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla's popularity has grown steadily over the years and it is one of the most notable electric vehicles on the market. However, many people living in cold climates have some complaints about its efficiency. This brings us to the question - does cold weather affect a Tesla?

    Definitely yes. Cold weather affects Tesla batteries and other EV batteries as well. According to AAA, electric car batteries lose about 40% of their range in extremely cold environments. So if you drive in cold weather, expect your vehicle's range to be drastically reduced.

    Temperature affects battery range
    Aside from cold temperatures, extremely hot temperatures can also affect the range of your batteries. However, the impact of hot weather on the range of your battery is not as great as that of cold weather.

    The AAA has found that driving an EV at 20 degrees F results in a 12% loss of range if the cab heater is not on. However, if you turn on a cabin heater, the range quickly drops from 12% to 41%.

    At 95 degrees F, the range drops by 4% when A/C is not in use but falls further to 17% when A/C is in use. Additionally, the study found that Tesla's range is 239 miles on a full charge, but drops to 91 miles at 20 degrees F.

    Tesla, on the other hand, claims the range drops by just 1% in cold weather, which many consumers in cold areas dispute. All in all, it's obvious that Tesla's range decreases in cold weather as battery efficiency is compromised.

    How to maximize the range of your Tesla EV in extreme temperatures

    The good news is that Tesla understands the difficulties EV cars face in cold weather, so they offer several tips to maximize your car's range in extreme weather. Some of the cold weather tips are:

    • Plan Your Departure – Tesla advises drivers in cold areas to have a planned departure as it helps conserve energy.
    • Precondition Your Car – This helps preheat your vehicle when you enable the preconditioning or defrost feature in the Tesla app.
    • Save energy on the go - Understandably, the cabin will be cold in cold weather, but you should do your best to reduce energy loss by limiting energy use. You can do this by avoiding frequent and rapid acceleration or by using seat heaters instead of heating the entire cabin.
    • Use winter tires and accessories - To save your battery and avoid energy loss, you should use winter tires in winter, as they offer more traction and grip. They also make controlling your vehicle easier and safer.

    Which Tesla model is best for cold weather?

    Tesla Model Y
    Not all Tesla models are great for cold weather. So if you live in a region that's cold most of the year, you'd be better off with the Tesla Model Y. This is an electric crossover with a starting price of around $53,000.

    The Tesla Model Y uses the interior, chassis, and powertrain of the smaller Tesla Model 3. However, it is quite spacious and has an additional cargo area. It also has extra third-row seats and an SUV design that sets it apart from the Model 3.

    In addition, the power of the two electric motors on board the Model Y is enormous, enabling acceleration from 0 to 60 in just 3.5 seconds. Buyers have a choice of powertrains, as the base, standard-range model features RWD, while the long-range and performance models come with an AWD system.

    All of these fancy features are found in most Tesla models. But what makes the Tesla Model Y perfect for cold weather is the addition of a heat pump. This pump is a key factor when it comes to winter weather.

    Since most Tesla models can lose up to 40% of their range in winter, the heat pump helps to solve this problem. Most Teslas use resistance heating, which produces one unit of heat for each unit of energy stored in the battery.

    With this concept, the heat pump works with maximum efficiency because it takes the heat from outside and pumps it into your vehicle. In short, your car will not generate heat that reduces battery range, but will instead dissipate heat.

    Note that the heat pump can produce 2 to 3 kW of heat for every 1 kW of energy used for pumping. So the Tesla Model Y will not emit as much heat as other Tesla models without this feature.


    What affects Tesla's battery efficiency in cold weather?

    As with gas-powered vehicles, several factors affect the range of Tesla. These include the terrain, driver behavior, load, outside temperature, and speed. So if you intend to ride in cold weather, you should consider all of these factors before calculating your battery range.

    If you intend to drive your car in cold weather, it's important to have a Tesla model with a battery pack that has more power. The greater the range, the better. For example, a Tesla Model S with a range of 412 miles is better than a Tesla Model 3 with a range of 236 miles.

    What is the best temperature for a Tesla battery to get?

    Try to keep your Tesla battery above 40 degrees F. If they get below that temperature or above 115 degrees F then the batteries will not perform optimally. The most effective temperature range is between 60 and 80 degrees F.

    Can you drive a Tesla in the rain?

    Yes, you can. You can drive any Tesla model in the rain and even in the snow. In fact, Tesla performs exceptionally well in the rain compared to most ICE cars. In fact, Tesla vehicles are more weatherproof than most other vehicles on the market. However, you should expect the range to decrease slightly in unfavorable weather conditions.

    Avoid letting your engine get too cold.

    Finally, cold weather affects the Tesla battery. Tesla batteries perform best between 60 and 80 degrees F. So when temperatures drop below 40 degrees F, the battery becomes less efficient and begins to lose range. The colder the temperature, the worse the range. However, you can use a few tips to try and limit battery drain while driving in cold weather.

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