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    Does Tesla Smart Summon Work?

    Jul 29,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla is one of the most advanced cars on the market. It has features such as autopilot, a self-driving system, and an intelligent call function. But does the Smart Summon feature work?

    The Tesla Smart Summon feature works. However, it is not very effective and needs improvement. Launched in late September 2019, the Smart Summon feature allows a Tesla driver to call their car from a parking lot without a driver present. However, the driver should monitor the car from the outside.

    Since its release, Tesla's Smart Summon feature has worked well for most Tesla owners, but some people have also had some terrible experiences with the technology. So, before you decide to enable the Smart Summon feature, you should know its strengths and weaknesses.

    Also, Smart Summon technology only works when the driver's or owner's smartphone is within 200 feet of the vehicle. In addition, the driver or customer should always have a line of sight of the vehicle. This is important to avoid obstacles on the way that the car could crash into.

    Also, the driver has to constantly keep their finger on a button in the phone app in order for the car to be maneuvered. If the driver takes their finger off the button, the car will stop immediately. The good thing is that a summoned car will maintain a speed of around 6 mph, preventing serious damage or injury.

    In addition, Tesla designed the system to be extremely careful. For example, the Smart Summon cannot activate the car in public areas such as crossing a public road. So if you ask your Tesla to cross a street, it will stop. In addition, the car cannot enter very narrow or complex areas.

    How do you activate Tesla Smart Summon?

    Activating Tesla smart summon is very simple. Open your Tesla Smart app, click on "Summon" and select the "Smart Summon" icon. Then press and hold the "COME TO ME" button. Alternatively, you can tap the icon, set your desired destination by changing the map, and then press and hold the GO TO DESTINATION button.

    Which is better - an intelligent call or a manual call?

    Yes, smart summoning is the future, but right now you need to take control of your Tesla before it hits a poll or pedestrian while you summon it. The main reason why Smart Summon is not fully effective is due to the limited range, the need for line of sight to the car, and careful driving.

    What are some of the weaknesses of Tesla smart summon?

    Even though Tesla smart summon makes the driver's job easier by coming to him, it has several weaknesses. One of the biggest weaknesses is that the car brushes against objects or masts when driving past. Although the car can easily pass an object, it can also easily scratch it when passing.

    Another major weakness is that Teslas are overly aggressive when pedestrians are near the vehicle. This is very dangerous and can easily injure pedestrians who are nearby. In contrast to the Smart Summon function, a human driver will react much faster in such a case.

    Although the Smart Summon function is not effective for side objects, people, or obstacles, it reacts faster in a frontal collision. So if another car approaches from the front or a pedestrian, the reaction will be much faster and it will stop almost immediately.

    What this feature cannot control are faster cars, fast-moving people, and bicycles. In such cases, it is easier for the car to collide with or hit people. That's why you need to be extra careful when using Smart Summon in public places.


    Is Tesla Smart Summon legal?

    Yes, Tesla Smart Summon is legal. However, this feature isn't entirely reliable, and even Tesla warns its users against relying on it. That's because this feature isn't fully autonomous. That's why the company advises owners to use them in private garages and not in public parking lots.

    Is the Tesla Smart Summon feature useful?

    Even if the Smart Summon feature is not very effective, it is still very useful. Because she can help people with disabilities or people who don't want to be left out in the rain. You simply call the car and it will come to you. It takes your car from the parking lot to where you are.

    Is Tesla Smart Summon standard on all Teslas?

    Yes, the Tesla Smart Summon feature is standard on all Tesla models. This includes the Tesla Models 3, Y, S, and X. However, Tesla models built before September 2019 do not have this feature as standard. Also, you can update the software to get the latest updates.

    Can a Tesla park itself in a garage?

    Yes, Tesla can park itself in a garage. All you have to do is request it using the Smart Summon feature. This feature can be found in the Tesla Model S, X, Y, and, more recently, the Model 3. However, Tesla is still working on making them even more practical.

    The function can not only park your car in the garage but also open your garage door to drive in or out and close it again after parking. This is an important feature because it prevents you from squeezing into corners in your garage or even in public parking bays. Just activate the summon function to let the car park.

    Tesla Smart Summon is a very effective feature that allows you to call your car to you. However, your phone must be within 200 feet for this feature to work properly. Also, you need to keep a close eye on the vehicle throughout the process.

    Since the Smart Summon feature is not 100% effective, paying attention can help prevent your car from hitting an obstacle or hitting a pedestrian. So always be careful and don't use this feature in a complex area or in a confined space.

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