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    Does Tesla Use Special Tires?

    Jul 31,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Many new Tesla buyers are usually confused when it comes to the type of tires the car uses. Will the Tesla come with custom tires or regular EV tires?

    Yes, Tesla uses or comes with special tires. Tesla tires are made by Michelin, known for making some of the best electric vehicle tires around. Nonetheless, Tesla tires are a bit different than regular petrol tires in that they can handle more load and offer more range.

    Why does Tesla use special tires?

    Different driving style
    As an electric car, Tesla is very different from normal gas-powered vehicles. This car is fast and drives at a high level. As a result, Tesla tires are subjected to greater stress than conventional tires. Depending on where you live and your driving habits, you will have to choose between off-road tires, high-performance tires, low-profile tires, or all-season tires.

    Finding the best tires for your driving style and the weather is very important. The good news is that Michelin offers different tire types for different needs. So if you want high-performance tires, you'll get them, but you'll have to pay a little more.

    Weight of your car
    Tesla and other electric vehicles are pretty heavy. As such, their tires are built slightly differently than traditional tires to handle that weight. The additional weight of the Tesla and the heavy battery puts more strain on the car.

    That's why Tesla uses tires with tough sidewalls to handle the weight. Also, the tire cavity shape should normally be designed to keep the tread in contact with the road.

    Grip and rolling resistance
    In contrast to gas-powered cars, electric vehicles have a lower rolling resistance. It is therefore important that their tires have excellent grip and high rolling resistance. In addition, the tires have an exceptional tread depth that increases grip and rolling resistance.

    Noise level
    Because Tesla doesn't have an engine, these cars are virtually silent. This means you can hear the tire noise as you drive down the road. For this reason, Tesla uses special tires that minimize noise as much as possible. Luckily, most Tesla tires have foam that reduces tire noise.

    Another thing that drives Tesla to use special tires is range. The range is very important in electric vehicles and having tires that increase it is very commendable. Michelin makes wider and larger Tesla tires with more grip. This helps to increase the frontal area of ​​the vehicle and thus increase the range.


    What brand of tires does Tesla use?

    Tesla uses Michelin tires. Michelin makes some of the best electric vehicle tires on the market. Their tires offer comfortable, quiet driving behavior and have low rolling resistance. Also, the tires offer increased load capacity to handle the extra weight of electric vehicles.
    Aside from the fantastic load-carrying capacity, Michelin tires also feature a tread and pattern that is EV-specific. Most of them also consist of a foam insert inside the tire to reduce tire noise. Because of this, Tesla Michelin tires are quite expensive compared to traditional tires.

    How long do Tesla tires last?

    How long your Tesla tires will last depends on several factors. These include the Tesla model, the type of tires you have on your car, and your driving habits. If you enjoy driving fast or aggressively, your tires will not last longer than a person driving at an average speed.
    It also depends on how you take care of your tires. Tesla recommends its users rotate, balance, and align their tires every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Regardless, Tesla tires have an average lifespan of about 26,000 miles. So, depending on your driving habits, the tires may wear out before or after those miles.

    What is the cost of replacing Tesla tires?

    The cost of replacing Tesla tires varies from one Tesla model to another. That's because different Tesla models use different tire types. Different tires are made for different purposes, e.g. B. for speed, cold weather, hot weather, and all-season tires. Although the cost of the tires varies, Tesla may charge you around $55 for labor.

    For example, the price of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is slightly higher than that of the Michelin Primacy MXM4. However, both of these tires are intended for the Tesla Model 3. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is an ultra-high performance tire perfect for drivers who want speed.

    Does the Tesla have run-flat tires?

    No, the Tesla does not come with run-flat tires. So if you get a flat tire on the way, you're stuck. Also, Tesla does not offer a spare tire. However, Tesla offers a service (Road Assistance) where your car with a flat tire will be towed if it is within 50 miles of a Tesla Service Center.

    You can also opt for Tesla Service (Mobile Service) to come to you and replace the tire instead of towing your car to the service center.

    However, this service also comes with some challenges. However, as long as you have not breached the warranty, you can use the service.

    Why is there foam in a Tesla tire?

    Tesla tires have acoustic foam for noise reduction. This makes the car as quiet as possible on the road. Acoustically insulated tires were introduced to allow vehicles to drive quietly on the road. In addition, this foam prevents vibrations from being transmitted from the tire to the wheel, axle, and then into the interior.

    So if you were wondering if Tesla uses special tires - yes, it does. Tesla uses unique tires made specifically for EVs. Tesla tires are made by Michelin and they meet the requirements of electric vehicles. Unlike traditional tires, these tires can handle Tesla's extra weight and instantaneous torque.

    In addition, these tires are also quiet in operation and offer more range than conventional tires. However, they are also quite expensive. If you have a flat tire along the way, be sure to replace these tires with similar ones to ensure exceptional performance, durability, and a smooth driving experience.

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