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    How Do I Pay For A Charge At A Tesla Supercharger?

    Aug 10,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Have you recently purchased an electric car and more specifically a Tesla? In addition to offering high-performance and well-designed models, Elon Musk's brand wants to offer the best possible experience to its customers, as evidenced by the Superchargers network, surely one of the most deployed in the world. To benefit from it, you obviously have to pay, although Model owners benefit from preferential rates. By the way, how much does a Tesla charge cost? And to pay for a recharge on a Supercharger, do you know which payment method is authorized? To accompany you in the adventure behind the wheel of your Model, we tell you how to pay at a Tesla Supercharger!

    1. Forget your pass and other subscriptions.

    2. Use the Tesla mobile app

    3. The essentials to remember

    Forget your past and other subscriptions.

    If you are already familiar with the electric car and how it works, you know that to recover autonomy, you have to connect to a charging station, at home or in a public space. If you use this last method, you must have in your possession a subscription or a pass to pay the charge, because, for the time being, almost no public terminal accepts payment by credit card.

    Why, would you tell me? Firstly because it would be too expensive for the operators, but also because of the network coverage, which, in certain regions where the terminals are installed, is too low. Thus, the payment terminals (TPE) would not work correctly.

    As you will have understood, to charge your electric car, you must take out a subscription or buy a Chargemap Pass type card… Unless you have a Tesla vehicle!

    Use the Tesla mobile app
    Indeed, if you are the owner of a Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y, you do not need any pass or payment card. All you need is your cell phone and download the Tesla app.

    Next, you will need your credentials, sent when your Tesla is delivered. Once your Model is connected, the application will recognize it and you will then be able to manage many commands remotely. Similarly, Elon Musk's branded app will allow you to pay for every recharge made on a Supercharger. You are then obliged to register a method of payment and you will be debited after each recharge. You, therefore, do not need to scan a badge or other cards, especially since nothing is available on the Tesla charging stand for this purpose.

    A dozen Supercharger stations in France are now open to all-electric vehicles, regardless of their brand. So, if you don't have a Tesla, but want to use one, you'll need to download the Tesla app and register a valid payment method, like your bank card.

    Are you used to driving a lot of kilometers at the wheel of your Tesla and you are afraid of not systematically finding a Supercharger station? Opt for an interoperable map like that of Chargemap, which we already mentioned to you above. The latter works on the majority of networks in France and Europe and you will never run out of battery life!

    The main thing to remember
    You now know how to pay for a charge at a Tesla Supercharger. Whether you have an electric car from Elon Musk or not, you have access to these charging stations and unlike other networks, you don't have to worry about paying, everything is done with your phone!

    And you, what solutions do you use to charge your Tesla?

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