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    How Does Voice Control Work On A Tesla?

    Jul 26,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla is one of the most advanced luxury cars on the market. One of the standout features of Tesla is voice control. This feature allows the Tesla owner to operate various functions through spoken instructions instead of pressing physical buttons on the car. But how do you use voice control in a Tesla?

    Using voice control in a Tesla varies from one Tesla model to another. To start voice control on a Tesla Model 3, you must press the microphone button on the touchscreen or use the right scroll button on the steering wheel. When you hear the tone, you can speak your command.

    Unlike Tesla Model 3 voice control, the process for triggering the voice command on Tesla Model S and X is a little different. You need to tap the voice button on the top right of the steering wheel. As with the Tesla Model 3, speak your command when you hear the tone.

    It is important to know that not all Tesla controls can be controlled via voice control. However, most functions that are controlled via the touchscreen can be operated via voice control. However, functions related to driving cannot be commanded. For example, you cannot command your car to switch driving modes.

    Another feature that you can't control via voice control is the landing gear height adjustment. So before you can control a function on the touch screen with the voice control function, you need to find out whether it is applicable or not.

    What are the common commands you can trigger with a Tesla's voice control?

    There are several voice commands you can trigger on your Tesla including:

    In the app settings you can enter various voice commands, e.g. B. "Open the browser", "Camera", "Phone" or "Lock settings". You can also go to tesla.com or search Google for the weather.

    In the vehicle controls, you can open the charging port, increase the wiper speed or turn on the wipers, fold the side mirrors or even lock the doors.

    When navigating, you can command the car to go home, to work, or to the airport. You can also use voice control to stop navigation, zoom, mute voice guidance, take me to school, or turn on satellite mode or traffic.

    With climate control, you can command the vehicle to make the driver's seat warmer, turn on the air recirculation, adjust the temperature or blower, decrease the fan speed, turn on the air conditioning, and more.

    In the media area, you can use voice controls to initiate things like open, play, mute, and search music.

    With the phone, you can call or text someone at home.

    Overall, there are many things you can initiate using voice control. And as mentioned, there are some features that you can't control by voice.

    What is Tesla Voice Control?

    Voice Control is a natural language processor that helps you understand your questions and translate them into actions for your Tesla. This feature also allows you to control multiple functions without having to use specific words.

    Can I control my Tesla with voice bots or chatbots? If so, which voice bot is the best?

    Yes, you can control your Tesla with a voice bot. For example, you can connect your Tesla to Alexa and command it to turn on the flashlights, start or stop the climate system, sound the horn, or even start or stop charging. On the other hand, you can use Siri to check your car's battery level, sound the horn, lock or unlock the car, turn on the headlights, and much more.

    Depending on your needs, both Alexa and Siri are two exceptional voice robots that you can use to control your Tesla. However, Siri is the better chatbot for people who want accuracy, while Alexa is best for those who want a multi-feature voice bot. However, you can also use Google Voice Control.


    Can you use Siri with Tesla?

    Yes, you can use Siri with Tesla. However, you must have an iPhone and connect Siri to your car to use it. Also, your phone and vehicle must be on to use this service. The same goes for Alexa and Google Voice.

    Do I need a Wi-Fi connection when using Alexa or Siri?

    Yes, you need an internet connection when using Alexa or Siri. But if you use Google Voice, you don't need the internet. You need internet because the microphone of the device you are using will record your command. The recording is sent to the cloud via the Internet. So if you don't have internet, digital voice control won't work.

    How can I play Amazon music on Tesla?

    The best way to do this is to play the music via Bluetooth. But before that, you need to download the Amazon Musici app on your mobile phone and select it via Bluetooth.

    What are some of the common commands you can use on a Tesla via Siri?

    Once you have connected your Tesla to the Siri voice robot, you can use various commands to control your car. These include checking the battery level, turning on the headlights, locking and unlocking the vehicle, charging the vehicle, finding the vehicle, battery charge level, and beeping the horn.

    How to connect Tesla to Alexa?

    First, you need to download the Alexa app on your mobile phone. Then enter your Tesla Account password or email address to connect your account to your car. Note that your Tesla Account information will only be used to create a token. So if you already have a token, you can enter it directly.

    How you use voice control on Tesla depends on the vehicle's make and model. If it is a Tesla Model 3 & Y, you need to press the microphone button on the touchscreen or the right scroll button on the steering wheel.

    With a Tesla Model S or X, on the other hand, you have to press the voice button on the top right of the steering wheel. And when you hear a tone, say your command to let voice control do its work.

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