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    How Much Does An Electric Car Charge Cost?

    Jun 23,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    To recharge the battery of an electric car, you must start from a dedicated charging station or from a reinforced electrical outlet. It is possible to charge your car using solar energy. However, the cost of solar charging is quite high compared to the electric charging station or electrical outlet. Its consumption depends on its model. On average, it is 15kWh/100km.

    You have the option of charging your electric car at home or away. Charging at home turns out to be more economical. During peak hours, 12kWh/100km the price is €2.3. For off-peak hours, the 12kWh/100km price is €1.4. Regarding the cost of charging an electric car outside the home, there are free public terminals.

    How much does a Zoe battery charge cost?

    Using an electric car seems to be more economical than a petrol or diesel car. The cost of recharging will depend on the model of the car. It also varies from the electricity subscription as well as the capacity of the battery to be charged. For the Zoe, a full recharge costs €4.40. But it is not a fixed price. The Zoe battery charging price depends on the country and the electricity providers.

    In general, the Renault Zoe charges in 1.5 hours. To benefit from fast charging, opt for a suitable terminal. But before moving on to charging, you have to take into account the autonomy of your car's battery. The battery range if fully charged is 240 km. It should be noted that the price of refueling an electric car is calculated by the price per kWh of electricity.

    How much does a Tesla charge cost?

    Tesla is one of the 5 most used electric cars in France in 2022. Tesla's charging cost will depend on the size of its battery. The prices will be calculated with a base of 0.14 €/kWh on average. But this price can change depending on the provider, the subscription, and the choice of time. For a full hour, the price is around €0.15/kWh. For an off-peak hour, it is €0.13/100kWh. 

    The Tesla Model 3 has a battery life of 75 kWh. For an 80% recharge during peak hours, the cost of recharging is €9. The price of an 80% charge during off-peak hours is €7.80. On average, this electric car has an average consumption of 15 kWh/100km. Tesla's annual charging budget is €210.

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