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    How Much Will A Tesla Model 3 Cost In 2022?

    Aug 11,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Are you convinced of the advantages of electric versus thermal and have you decided to become the owner of a clean car? Among the many models available on the market, it is impossible to miss those of the brand Elon Musk as they are efficient and well designed. We then necessarily think of the Model 3 sedan, which is one of the best sellers of the year in France. Is it precisely this that caught your attention? Do you know how much the Tesla Model 3 costs? We take stock in this article and we give you all the information on the price of this Tesla electric car.

    1. Tesla Model 3: 53 490 euros

    2. Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy: 62,490 euros

    3. Tesla Model 3 Performance: 66 490 euros

    4. What about the options available on the Tesla Model 3?

    5. The essentials to remember

    Tesla Model 3: 53 490 euros

    The Tesla electric sedan comes in three versions, starting with the rear-wheel-drive Model 3 which costs 53,490 euros. If you follow the news of the brand, you will not have missed that the price of the Model 3 underwent a big increase at the beginning of the year, going from 43,990 to 53,490 €. Result? You can no longer receive the maximum ecological bonus of 6,000 euros, accessible only to electric vehicles under 47,000 euros. Of course, you are still entitled to €2,000 in aid, but the difference hurts the wallet. The entry-level still benefits from a WLTP range of 491 and a maximum speed of 225 km/h. On board, the presentation is identical to the other versions of the Model 3 and you will be greeted by a minimalist and bright interior where the large touch screen is able to control most of the car's functions. Families and motorists looking for a compact model will necessarily appreciate the qualities of the Tesla Model 3.

    Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy: 62,490 euros

    If you need an electric car with more autonomy, you can go for the Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie, available for 62,490 euros. If this version has also seen its prices increase by several thousand euros, it now exceeds 60,000 €, enough to no longer benefit from the ecological bonus of 2,000 €. The Model 3 Grande Autonomie is equipped with the Dual Motor transmission, which means that it works with two electric motors, one at the front and the other at the rear, for even more performance. Indeed, while the battery life climbs to 602 km, the maximum speed is 233 km/h and the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h is completed in just 4.4 s. If your budget allows it and you are used to being on the road and racking up the miles, whether for business trips, departures for the weekend, on vacation, or family leisure... The Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy version is made for you!

    Tesla Model 3 Performance: 66 490 euros

    The American electric sedan is available in an ultimate version that should attract those in a hurry among you… The Model 3 Performance! Count 66,490 euros for this powerful version, still equipped with Dual Motor all-wheel drive. If this is the one you choose, forget about any government aid since they only concern electric vehicles under 60,000 euros. At this price, the sedan's WLTP range climbs to 547 km, the top speed is 261 km/h, and the 0 to 100 km/h will take you just 3.3 seconds. With Model 3 Performance, you have also entitled to20-inch sports rims and a carbon spoiler. If you are looking for a powerful electric model, capable of making you feel high-flying performance, this version of the Tesla Model 3 is the one to go for!

    What about the options available on the Tesla Model 3?

    If basic, the models of the brand Elon Musk are very well equipped and at the cutting edge of technology, you have the possibility of adding several options to your electric vehicle. On the other hand, do not expect a long catalog of options as is the case with the majority of car manufacturers.

    Regarding the Tesla Model 3, you can of course choose the color of the body. Multi-coat pearl white is standard, while the other colors are available for an additional 1,190 euros. For €1,190 more, your electric sedan can fit 19-inch sports rims. Then you can customize the interior by choosing black and white upholstery. Count once again 1,190 euros. Finally, you can add features to the Autopilot, already available as standard, against 3,700 euros. And to take advantage of autonomous driving, the Fully autonomous driving capability option is available for an additional 7,500 euros. If driving aids don't matter to you, there's no need to increase the bill with its two options.

    The main thing to remember

    So, are you ready to buy your Tesla? Whichever version of Model 3 you choose, you'll get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle equipped with the latest technologies in terms of connectivity and equipment. You will also enjoy a more than comfortable autonomy and performances that could not be more satisfactory. Even though the prices of the Tesla Model 3 have increased significantly in recent times, the sedan remains one of the benchmarks on the market.

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