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    Is A Tesla A Good First Car?

    Aug 01,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    One of the greatest feelings in the world is getting your driver's license and owning your first car. However, choosing your first car is never easy as there are many factors to consider. So is a Tesla an excellent first car?

    Not really. Buying a Tesla as your first car is an expensive endeavor that you don't want to be a part of. First, the initial cost of buying a Tesla is very high. Second, Tesla is a luxury brand that entails high insurance rates. And finally, the cost of repairs is very high.

    Having a Tesla as your first car is not a good investment. Unless you come from a wealthy family and don't mind the expense that comes with it.

    A few reasons Tesla cars are good for novice drivers are that they are easy to operate and easy to maintain. So if you can afford it and have fallen in love with a Tesla, don't be afraid to buy one as your first car.

    What Makes a Tesla a Good First Car?

    Easy to wait
    The number one reason you should get a Tesla as your first car is its serviceability. Unlike regular gasoline cars, EVs are easy to maintain because they don't have many parts to break. So if it's your first time owning a car, you don't have to worry too much.

    Easy to drive
    Tesla is a perfect car for first-time owners as it is easy to drive. It has an autopilot system that can save you from an accident if you fall asleep at the wheel, and the Tesla comes with just two pedals. The only challenge the driver has to face is to learn how to drive the car.

    What makes Tesla a bad first car?

    High acquisition costs
    Tesla is a luxury car brand. Because of this, these cars are very expensive and not a viable option for most first-time car buyers. If you crash or hit someone, you could face high repair costs, which could hurt you in the long run.

    High insurance premiums
    Another reason Tesla isn't fantastic as a first car is because of the high insurance premiums. Insurance companies usually charge higher insurance premiums for luxury cars. Since Tesla is a luxury car and you are a novice driver, you should expect to pay even higher insurance premiums.

    Increased electricity bill
    If you decide to buy a Tesla, you should also be prepared for additional electricity costs. That means your electric bill can increase by more than $30 a month. And if you don't have a charger or a suitable outlet, you may have to spend even more to install one.

    Expensive repairs
    Overall, Tesla is cheap to maintain compared to standard vehicles. However, some expensive repairs may occur, such as B. the regular replacement of the window motor and the replacement of the brake caliper. New drivers with inexperienced driving are more prone to make mistakes that can lead to costly repairs.

    Extremely fast
    One of the main causes of road accidents is excessive speed. When it comes to Tesla, this is one of their best selling points. All Tesla vehicles are fast, which is not good for first-time car owners. Because they may try to drive faster and mess up the streets.

    Pretty difficult to park
    Most Tesla models are large, which can pose a problem when parking. First-time drivers are better off with smaller cars that are easy to park. But with a Tesla, they can scratch the next car when trying to pull in or out of a parking space.


    Which Tesla model should I buy as my first car?

    If you absolutely must buy a Tesla as your first car, consider buying the Tesla Model 3. This vehicle is not only affordable, it is also safe and offers high performance. It also uses less electricity when charging than any other Tesla model.

    Is it okay to buy a Tesla for a teenager?

    Yes, that's it. If the teenager is responsible and has good driving skills, you may consider buying them a Tesla. However, if your son or daughter is inexperienced or doesn't have good driving skills, you should probably consider buying them another car as an entry-level car.

    Otherwise, you should be prepared for high repair costs if your teenager causes an accident. Also, be prepared to pay high insurance premiums for a new, inexperienced driver. Overall, Tesla is probably not the best choice for a new teenage driver.

    What are the disadvantages of owning a Tesla?

    The Tesla may be a beautiful and advanced electric vehicle, but it also has some downsides that you should be aware of. First and foremost, Teslas are not suitable for long-distance driving. Second, maintaining a Tesla is a hassle, and finally, your Tesla may not perform well in cold climates.

    Is Tesla a reliable car?

    When it comes to reliability, Tesla is one of the most unreliable luxury vehicles on the market. This is because these cars usually come with quality issues. However, most Tesla owners love their cars regardless of the issues they have.

    Is a Tesla expensive to maintain?

    No, Tesla vehicles are not expensive to maintain. On average, you should expect to spend at least $300 each year maintaining your Tesla. That's because the Tesla powertrain has fewer parts than traditional ICE vehicles.

    However, it's important to note that maintenance costs for a Tesla can go up or down at any time. Also, major repairs may require you to wait a while. Maintenance service can take longer and leave you waiting several days before getting your car back due to limited parts and repair locations.

    Choose something else
    In general, a Tesla is not a good first car. Tesla vehicles are not only expensive to buy but also associated with high insurance premiums. In addition, they skyrocket your electricity bill and are very fast, which is not good for a novice driver.

    However, if you are an avid and experienced driver, a Tesla can still be a good first car. Just avoid crashing your car as it can skyrocket maintenance costs.

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