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    Is A Tesla Bulletproof?

    Jul 21,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Bulletproof cars have grown in popularity and effectiveness greatly over the past 20 years. Bulletproof car buyers are typically politicians or business people who want to ensure they are protected at all times. Is a Tesla bulletproof? No, there are no Tesla models that are bulletproof out of the box, at least not yet.

    So if you want a bulletproof Tesla you need to look around the aftermarket because there are a few companies that offer bulletproof protection for different Tesla models and the most well-known company is Armormax.

    If you're an OEM guy and don't want to ruin both your efficiency and driving comfort, you could potentially wait for the Cybertruck if it ever comes out. The Cybertruck isn't a fully bulletproof car, but it does come with bulletproof glass that should stop live ammunition.

    However, while buying a bulletproof car increases overall protection in the car, it also breaks some things. First of all, your efficiency, your bank account, your range, your driving experience, and your comfort.

    Tesla Model S Armormax Pack

    Once you've bought a Tesla Model S, you can take it to Armormax, where they'll help you armor it up with a $60,000 pack that includes all sorts of armor plates to protect the car from various weapons. The entire passenger compartment of the car is covered with synthetic fiber laminates and ballistic alloy that will protect you from various types of ammunition.

    These materials also cover the entire roof, floor, and pillars of the vehicle, creating a protective ballistic cocoon around you. In addition, the package also includes layered acrylic polycarbonate glass replacement parts, designed to both preserve the overall look and prevent bullet penetration into the interior.

    To pull this off, Armormax loaded about 300 pounds of extra weight on the car, which isn't necessarily a lot considering what you're getting. The car also gets reinforced suspension, run-flat tires, armored battery, radiator shrouds, fuel tank, and ECM protection, while the power windows will still work.

    Tesla Cybertruck – A kind of bulletproof SUV from the future

    The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is certainly one of the most impressive new vehicle concepts of the last decade. Tesla says the body of the new Cybertruck will be able to withstand 9mm bullets because the car will be built from the same stainless steel panels used on some SpaceX rockets.

    Elon Musk has also said that the Cybertruck can also deflect 9mm projectiles against the glass panels, as they are also said to be bulletproof. We don't know exactly what stage of the armoring process the vehicle is at, but if Tesla lives up to its promises, the Cybertruck should technically be a bulletproof vehicle.

    However, the Cybertruck will likely be one of the heaviest trucks on the market, with the doors alone said to weigh around 80 pounds each. Be that as it may, many people aren't convinced that the Cybertruck will actually be bulletproof, so we'll have to wait until it actually launches.

    What does it mean to bulletproof a car?

    Bulletproofing a car doesn't just mean making it as safe as a tank, because thorough bulletproofing would likely destroy the car completely. Therefore, cars are only made bulletproof when absolutely necessary, as the structural parts of the vehicle must be changed forever and cannot be restored to their original condition afterward.

    That means you're ruining the vehicle's resale value and that the car is only in demand by a rather insignificant part of the used car market. Second, adding tons of protective materials adds a tremendous amount of weight, and the most protected cars typically weigh in excess of 1000 pounds after all of these materials have been fitted to the car.

    This ruins the economy of a car, especially an electric car. Additional armor makes the car less practical since the windows often no longer open and the doors are extremely heavy. Finally, the car's suspension needs to be stiffened, making the car less comfortable and less dynamic due to the extra weight.

    FAQ section

    Are bulletproof cars worth it?

    That depends on whether you need a bulletproof car or not. If you really need a bulletproof car, a really bulletproof car can make the difference between life and death, which means it's actually worth it. On the other hand, if all you care about is novelty value, you should stay away from it because it will ruin the car and your bank account.

    Secondly, if you really want a bulletproof car, you should go for something more comfortable than a Tesla, e.g. B. a larger sedan or a powerful SUV. Be sure to consider Armormax cars and other well-known armor manufacturers.

    How much does it cost to bulletproof a car?

    That depends on how thorough you want the armor to be. If you just want an extra layer of handgun protection without investing in more serious protective elements, expect to pay about $15,000 per car.

    However, if you want to maximize the protection of a vehicle, i. H. Doing everything you can to shield the car as well as possible can cost anywhere from $50,000 to as much as $100,000 in some cases.

    Which cars are best for bulletproof equipment?

    Choosing the best bulletproof vehicle is just as important as the bulletproof kit itself. This is why most people choose bulletproof SUVs like the Mercedes Benz G Class, Toyota Land Cruiser, Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Suburban, BMW X5, or the Range Rover.

    If you're more into sedans, consider armoring a Mercedes Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Cadillac CT5, Lincoln Continental, or other large sedans that are as reliable and powerful as possible.

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