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    Is Tesla Better Than BMW?

    Jul 31,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    If you're looking for a luxury car, Tesla and BMW are a couple of good brands to consider. They are quite different. Tesla is more advanced with high-tech features, while BMW is more comfortable with better handling. So which brand is better?

    Both Tesla and BMW are high-end vehicle brands, which means they're quite expensive. Therefore, the car you choose will depend on your needs, your tastes, and your location. BMW is ideal for car owners who want better performance and handling, while Tesla is perfect for drivers who want a high-tech, environmentally friendly car.

    How does Tesla compare to BMW?

    BMW has been around for decades, while Tesla is still a new company. BMW was founded in Munich, Germany in 1916 while Tesla was founded in California, the USA in 2003. Because of this, BMW has a richer history and is more reliable than Tesla.

    But if you want the car of the future, Tesla is the brand to consider. Nonetheless, BMW is also catching up to Tesla when it comes to electric cars. BMW was the first German company to produce electric vehicles.

    To make the comparison easier, we're going to compare some of the most popular base models from both brands: the BMW 3 Series and the Tesla Model 3. Here's how they stack up.

    BMW 3er vs. Tesla Model 3

    Both cars are beautifully designed and have almost the same dimensions. The BMW 3 Series boasts a lower grille, smaller headlights, short front, and rear overhangs, and a nice hood. In contrast, the Tesla Model 3 has styled LED headlights, a lower waistline, a bulging nose, and a larger glass area.

    In general, these two models aren't the most pleasing to the eye when it comes to luxury brands, but they're okay. The higher-end BMWs and Tesla vehicles look nicer than these two entry-level models. But they still look nicer than most standard vehicles on the market.

    When it comes to interior space, the BMW is a bit lacking compared to the Tesla. Although the BMW seats are more comfortable than Tesla's, the overall interior lacks a touch of class. On the contrary, Tesla's interior is more upscale and advanced with its large infotainment system.

    The Tesla Model 3 and BMW 3 Series aren't as powerful as their higher-end siblings. However, both offer enough power to provide a smooth and fun ride. In terms of handling, BMW has a slight advantage over Tesla, but in terms of acceleration and balance, Tesla is the better car.

    The BMW 3 Series comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, which, while not very powerful, is good enough. Additionally, it produces 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

    The Tesla Model 3 is electrically powered. It has an excellent range of 263 miles, which is for its base model - Standard Range Plus. It also delivers 307 pound-feet of torque, which is better than the BMW 3 Series. In addition, it delivers 258 hp and accelerates from 0 to 60 in just 5.3 seconds.

    Although both cars come with high-end safety features, Tesla still has an advantage over BMW. Tesla boasts Autopilot, which offers features like adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and stop-and-go technology. On the other hand, the BMW consists of driver assistance functions, such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and automatic braking.

    If you're not ready to spend big, look away. Both cars will cost you quite a bit to buy and upgrade. Overall, the BMW is a bit more expensive as it will cost you around $40,750 while the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus model is $38,990.

    From the comparison above, you can see that these two cars have almost the same characteristics. The BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model 3 both have high-quality safety equipment, similar performance, and cost almost the same. However, one car is petrol-powered (BMW 3 Series) and another is purely electric (Tesla Model 3).

    Depending on which Tesla model you choose, it can be more expensive or cheaper than the BMW 3 Series. If you want to save the environment, the Tesla Model 3 is the best option, but if you want a car with better handling, the BMW is a better choice.

    Comparison of BMW and Telsa in different categories

    Which car is cheaper to maintain – Tesla or BMW?

    Overall, both luxury cars are expensive to maintain. However, the BMW is more expensive to maintain because it has many more moving parts than the Tesla. As a result, you have to take care of many things like oil filters, carburetors, and many other engine parts. Tesla has far fewer parts, so there are fewer things that can go wrong.

    Which car is more reliable - BMW or Tesla?

    BMW and Tesla are among the most unreliable vehicles on the market. If you compare the two, Tesla is the less reliable car. That's because there are many quality issues that buyers usually complain about. It's also sometimes difficult to find a place that has the parts and skills to repair a Tesla.

    Which car is more luxurious - Tesla or BMW?

    In terms of technological advances, Tesla has a lead over BMW. Thanks to its large infotainment screen from which the car is operated. But in terms of comfort, BMW is much better than Tesla. That's because Tesla's seats aren't as comfortable as BMW's.

    Which car is better - the BMW i8 or Tesla Model S?

    The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid model, while the Tesla Model S is a pure electric vehicle. Both cars have excellent performance, but the BMW i8 has a slight edge over the Tesla Model S. Also, the BMW i8 has a great combined power output of 369 hp, while the Tesla has 362 hp.

    Can BMW outperform Tesla?

    Tesla popularized all-electric vehicles. As a result, many car brands have jumped on the bandwagon and started producing electric cars. One of these brands is BMW. Recently, BMW produced a new all-electric model known as the i4. This model has a range of 373 miles, which is closer to what Tesla is offering.

    The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus has a range of 402 miles on a full charge. This is the electric car model with the longest range. Compared to the BMW i4, that's not far off. While Tesla is now in the lead, BMW is closing in and may even overtake Tesla soon.

    Bottom line
    BMW and Tesla are two outstanding luxury car brands. Both are beautifully built with high-tech and luxurious features. BMW is built to offer driver comfort and better handling, while Tesla is nicer looking and has sophisticated technology. It really comes down to a matter of your taste and priorities.

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