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    Learn from Tesla to dominate the market with a $0 budget marketing strategy

    Jun 10,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Founded in 2003, Tesla has become one of the most influential automakers in the world in about 20 years. The market value has reached 118 trillion yen.

    Tesla has gained a solid position as one of the world's leading companies but surprisingly has no marketing team. Tesla's SNS advertising budget is said to be "zero".

    There is no denying that it is the unique marketing approach that underpins Tesla's success. Can we also refer to Tesla's case to build a clever marketing strategy?

    Marketing that subverts common sense

    Tesla has taken a very unique approach to its marketing strategy and stands out in the auto industry. It is also known for investing only a fraction of the industry average in marketing and advertising.

    On the other hand, product development, high-profile promotions, and controversial comments from co-founder and CEO Elon Musk are creating interest and a consumer base in a way that doesn't use paid advertising.

    A grand total report looked at the social marketing campaigns of the top U.S. automakers and found that Tesla spent no advertising dollars in the 30 days it was surveyed.

    That doesn't mean Tesla isn't spending money on promotions at all, but it's a remarkable achievement compared to the huge budgets that rivals spend.

    Consistency of corporate philosophy and vision

    All Tesla businesses help achieve our corporate mission of
    "Introducing high-performance electric vehicles to the mass market as quickly as possible, accelerating the rise of sustainable mobility". We aim to lead the transition to a zero-emission society through the development of power storage systems such as electric vehicles and home storage batteries "Powerwall". A purpose-driven and ambitious marketing style encourage an emotional connection between brands and consumers, whether they own a Tesla or not. It turns out that just a small advertising campaign is enough to boost Tesla's reputation and identity and maintain its position in the market.

    The operation of the publicity stunt

    Tesla turned the experimental projects of Elon Musk's various entities, including the aerospace company SpaceX, into PR campaigns and produced a large number of earned media (media acquired through word of mouths such as followers and influencers) around the world. exposure) . won.

    For example, SpaceX's successful rocket test flight in 2018 was conducted as an alternative advertising campaign.

    Elon Musk thinks space exploration missions will be the focus of the world's attention and puts the Tesla Roadster on a rocket.

    It was released four minutes after launch and was broadcast live around the world to introduce the new car in orbit against the backdrop of the disappearing Earth.

    The publicity stunt spurred the media, boosting the brand awareness and reputation of Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon Musk. I made good use of free media promotion.

    Initiatives for Social Contribution Activities

    Tesla is committed to philanthropy as a means of addressing social and environmental challenges.

    Hurricane Maria was a natural disaster in Puerto Rico in 2018 that left 3.5 million citizens without electricity and water.
    In this case, we are providing disaster areas with a home battery "power wall" that connects to solar panels to store energy.

    Elon Musk's Twitter has a large following, is the only communication channel where these activities are freely announced and discussed, and has been covered by many media outlets.

    Connecting with the community is the key to any company's success. It fosters loyalty and passion for brands and businesses.

    Use promotional marketing

    Tesla has employed advocacy marketing to encourage satisfied customers to share their brand mission and products with their audience by putting their interests first. ..

    The community of Tesla enthusiasts trusts Tesla's vision and the quality of its clean energy products, spreading positive reviews.

    Tesla has launched the following official referral programs:

    When a friend buys a new Tesla using your referral code, both you and your friend will get 1,000 miles worth of free supercharger deals. You'll also have the chance to win a new Founders Series Model Y car (monthly) and a new Roadster car (quarterly) signed by Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen for each introduction. Tesla owners with the Unlimited Supercharger offer will get 2 entries per referral code.

    Through the program, customers will receive attractive perks such as free access to a supercharger and the chance to win a Tesla vehicle.

    In addition, the program is updated from time to time according to market trends. By introducing new exclusive offers, we aim to create a program that will not disappoint our customers.

    Learn Tesla's Marketing Strategy

    Learning from best practices like Tesla is the foundation for developing your own marketing strategy.

    Set a company mission and vision and communicate with consumers frequently to achieve your goals. Tesla's slogan resonated with customers and was passed on over and over again.

    Tesla also leverages one of the most effective marketing methods, word-of-mouth. Consumers tend to trust “recommendations” from people they know and trust (such as friends, colleagues, and family) rather than channels run by businesses.

    Start by maximizing your product, sales process, and customer service. This should be a step towards building your own promotional strategy that sets you apart from your competitors.

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