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    Tesla Light Show Downloads

    Aug 03,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    With software version V11, Tesla introduced the "Light Show" function for Christmas 2021. This can also be used to play a self-created light show with music in the Tesla. Like so many updates, this is a controversial topic. Some think it's great that Tesla also builds in functions that don't make any deeper sense besides fun. Others consider such things to be absolutely superfluous. But to each his own.

    This article is about how you can download various light show effects from file sharing networks and how you can create your own effects.

    This is how the Tesla light show works
    The Tesla Light Show can be started with a preset song on the following vehicle models in the “Spielbox” menu under “Light Show”:

    Model S (only from the model year 2021)
    style 3
    Model X (only from the model year 2021)
    Model Y
    Software version v11.0 (2021.44.25) or newer is required.

    In the meantime, fans are even using the light show as a reason for a Tesla event:

    Download pages for various Tesla Light Show Effects

    In addition to the one preset show, you can play other effects from a USB stick on the Tesla. The files required for this can be downloaded free of charge from various exchange sites on the Internet and saved on any stick.

    This is a list of the most popular swap sites for fan-made Tesla Light Shows:





    The downloaded files must be copied to a folder named "LightShow" on the USB stick (folder name without quotes, case-sensitive). Since the file names are always the same, only one effect can be saved in this folder on the stick at a time. The following requirements must be met:

    The LightShow folder can only ever contain two files:
    "light show.freq"

    "lightshow.mp3" or "lightshow.wav" (wav is recommended)

    The stick must be formatted as exFAT, FAT32 (for Windows), MS-DOS FAT (for Mac), ext3, or ext4. NTFS is currently not supported.

    There must be no TeslaCam folder on the stick.

    Ideally, no data is stored on the stick apart from the LightShow folder.

    This is how the light show can be started in the Tesla
    Insert the USB stick into one of the front USB or USB-C ports or into the USB port in the glove box and wait a few seconds.

    The light show can be started from the stick in the “Spielekiste” menu under “Lichtspektakel”. If the files on the stick do not meet the requirements, the standard light show is started instead.

    Program your own Tesla Light Show effects yourself
    With a computer, you can create your own unique light show with your own music, without the need for a Tesla vehicle. With xLights, Tesla provides free open-source software for this purpose.

    Anyone can download this software for free and create their own effects. Instructions can be found in this README file on the download link.

    The light show files created with it can be checked for errors with this validator.

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