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    Tesla Model 3 Trunk: Everything You Need To Know

    Aug 10,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Are you soon going to take the wheel of the 100% electric sedan Tesla Model 3 or are you already the proud owner? If this is your first electric car, we understand that the changes are major compared to thermal and even more so with the American manufacturer, which does nothing like the others. If you are looking for more information about Elon Musk's brand and in particular the Model 3 sedan, you have come to the right place! In this article, we are particularly interested in the trunk of the Tesla Model 3. How to open and close it? Is there a trunk in the front? What is the loading volume? Caroom answers all your questions and accompanies you on your own adventure.

    1 What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model 3?
    1.1 Front locker
    1.2 Rear trunk

    2 How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model 3?

    3 The essentials to remember

    What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model 3?

    Front trunk
    Did you know that the Tesla Model 3, like the other models in the S3XY range, has two trunks? In addition to benefiting from a large rear loading volume, the electric sedan incorporates a second, at the front of the vehicle, regardless of the version of the Model 3 chosen. Although the space is quite limited, about 50 liters, it allows you to store cables and plugs to fill up with autonomy at a Supercharger or a charging station and why not a backpack, cabin luggage, and other business of all kinds? Nevertheless, please note that the manufacturer advises never to place a load greater than 25 kg in the "frunk", on pain of damage.

    At the rear, you will obviously have a much higher loading volume. The latter amounts to 425 liters in the 5-seater configuration, not to mention the storage under the floor of 70 liters, easily exploitable. Contrary to what one might think by observing the electric sedan, it does not have a tailgate like the Model S, Model X, and Model Y. However, the opening is large enough to load and unload objects. bulky easily. In all, the Tesla Model 3 has a cargo volume of 542 liters… Enough to compare it to a very large sedan! So, if you are a family and are looking for a spacious vehicle for you, your children, and your belongings, the Tesla Model 3 is for you.

    How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model 3?

    To open the front trunk of your Tesla, the vehicle must be in Park mode. Then, several solutions are available to you:

    the Open icon from the vehicle's touch screen;
    the front trunk button on the key;
    or the front trunk button on the Tesla mobile app.
    Once you have performed one of the following actions, all you have to do is go to the front of your Tesla and then pull the front trunk to open it completely.

    Namely: one of your loved ones is locked in the trunk? Don't panic, an interior unlocking button is accessible!

    To close it, you just have to lower the hood until the stop is in contact with the latches. To engage the latches and securely close the front trunk, press firmly on either side of the Tesla logo.

    To open the electric rear trunk of your Tesla Model 3, repeat one of the actions for opening the front cargo space. You can also press the button located under the outside trunk handle. To close the electrical trunk, you can do so from the touchscreen, the key fob, or by pressing the switch near the exterior handle. Again, an emergency opening button is available on the back.

    The main thing to remember
    Whether you own or are going to buy the Tesla Model 3, it is obviously useful to know your car like the back of your hand and this also goes through the trunk. With a total loading volume of 542 liters, the electric compact sedan accompanies you on all your adventures!

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