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    The 6 Best Tesla Model Y Accessories

    Aug 27,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The 6 Best Tesla Model Y Accessories

    In my opinion, there are two types of Tesla accessories: mandatory and optional upgrades. Tesla strangely omits many accessories that I believe should have been included with the car purchase, so having to buy these can be frustrating. The other type is purely cosmetic—it improves the comfort or visual appeal of the car in some way but is not entirely necessary.

    Tesla Model Y Roof Rack (set of 2)

    • Custom-designed: We designed the Tesla Model Y roof rack crossbars to be of higher quality and have a longer service life. The length of the crossbars has been custom-cut for model Y. All Tesla Model Y vehicles are compatible.
    • Premium Material: Roof rack crossbars made of high-quality aluminum. Aluminum is approximately 30% lighter than steel. Our Tesla Model Y roof racks can withstand more stresses than the best all-steel roof rack while weighing one-third less.
    • High Load Capacity: Load capacity of 150 lbs when evenly distributed, effectively providing safe support for a cargo carrier, roof bags, roof boxes, bicycles, surfboards, kayaks, canoes, etc.
    • Less Wind Noise Design: The tesla y roof rack is aerodynamically designed to effectively reduce wind resistance and noise.
    • Easy To Install: No drilling is required to install the tesla roof rack model y, just use a screwdriver to install and fix the mounting frame. The whole process takes less than ten minutes.

    For 2020 - 2022 Tesla Model Y 

    2 x cross rail and all hardware are included. 

    If you regularly participate in outdoor activities such as kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing, you don't want to compromise on the length and weight of your gear. Most importantly, you want to have a good system in place so you don't waste time packing or cramming your equipment into the car.

    Having a process in mind and knowing exactly where each piece of equipment goes is critical to avoiding unnecessary stress and ensuring consistency in your activity. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out, you know that consistency is the key to success.

    Our roof rack for Tesla Model Y gives you added versatility. Consider the time you took to lower your seats and stuff that board inside your car. You moved slowly because you didn't want to scratch the soft leather of your seats, but then there was an emergency.

    Another feature that our roof rack users appreciate is the ability to store your gear outside of your Model Y interior after riding your back in the dirt. It is also a convenient way to save time and allow your paddle board or surfboard to dry on the way home!

    When the third row is occupied, your interior cargo space is quickly depleted.

    Are you planning a trip soon and wondering if your Model Y will provide enough space? Our roof rack keeps your passengers from being crammed between luggage and bags.

    Packing for a trip is always a bit stressful, especially when you're traveling with others and don't know how many (unnecessary) bags they'll bring.

    Having your roof rack with you will alleviate the stress of discovering at the last minute that you do not have enough capacity to carry that extra bag that your partner requires.

    Tesla Model 3 Y Mud Flaps Matte Black Carbon Fiber ABS | No Need to Drill Holes

    Tesla mud flaps are the perfect way to keep your car clean and protected from the mud and debris that comes with driving on unpaved roads. They're easy to install and keep your car looking great.

    designed: Our unique mud flaps provide greater protection than competitors. All Tesla Model 3 Y 2021 are compatible.

    No Drilling and Tape Required: Mudguards created to order for the model 3 Y. Replace in the original hole location. There is no need to drill holes or use double tape. Safe and simple to set up.

    Tesla Model Y Mud Flaps Made of strong ABS thermoplastic material, it is long-lasting and safe to use in any tough environment.


    Simply remove the factory plastic grommets that keep the fender wheel liner in place, position the mud flap, then squeeze our longer plastic grommets into the existing holes to install the mud flaps. On newer Model Ys, there is one bolt to remove the mud flaps from beneath the car, but the same OEM bolt is used to secure the mud flaps. Super simple!

    Front Mud Flap Adjustment: Not all front fender liners are made the same way. If you have a gap between the front mud flap and the fender liner, please go to the Front Mud Flap Adjustment videos for instructions on how to close it.

    Simply install the rear mud flap and find the downward-facing bolt immediately under the rear fender liner. The mud flap's plastic tab will cover the bolt, allowing you to identify it.

    Once the bolt is screwed back in and the mud flap is in place, do not overtighten the bolt or the plastic tab will shatter. This will secure the mud flap better than the plastic grommet.

    Weight:1.32 pounds
    Dimensions:15.55 x 13.23 x 6.5 inches

    2019-2022 Tesla Model Y Roof Sunshade

    tesla roof shade was designed after measuring its dimensions, and it has previously been tested three times to ensure that the size is correct. It may be used with Skylight Reflective Covers to block additional sunlight. If you wish to enjoy the sights outside, simply remove the two With Skylight Reflective Covers.

    The exterior side of Skylight Reflective Covers is silver cloth, which will reflect the sunshade and minimize UV and temperature. Roof Sunshades block two-thirds of solar thermal load, reduce the incidence of UV rays, effectively reduce the temperature in the car, and play a part in preventing the sun from entering the car directly, so it has a heat insulation effect.

    The Tesla 3 sunshade features two layers, mesh fabric on one layer, silver-coated reflective cloth on the other, and a foldable frame constructed of manganese steel. It is simple to store.

    Lossless installation: 
    The window coverings are put in the position of the car's sunroof. A pair of rear triangle window sunshades are provided as a present. To install use snaps. There are no extra tools necessary.

    Unique Design: 
    Very unique V shape for the rear window, which does not interfere with rear visibility, making it good and safe for driving.

    Customer Questions & Answers
    1. Does the rear shade stop at the same place the stock tint stops? Is the shade visible when viewed from the outside rear of the car?
    The rear shade has sort of an "inward" curve to it (as you can see in the photo) but it basically stops where the tint stops. From the outside, you really cannot see it. The two shades fit perfectly in the roof windows and really look nice inside the car and give great shade. I'm very happy with them.

    2. Can you drive with the rear shade in place?
    That’s why the rear panel is shaped the way it is. Minimal interference with rear vision. Clips inserted between molding and glass hold it in place so it doesn’t fall down while driving, even over some freeway bumps and street drains/gutters. The front sunroof shade fits very well and also has clips to hold it in place (almost doesn’t need them).

    3. Once installed on the roof, are the shades retractable? Or do you have to take off the shades completely and store them elsewhere?
    No, they're not retractable, so you could remove them and store them in the trunk, as they're a mesh fabric. It's hot here in CA and these really help keep the sun out and the inside temp lower. Highly recommend buying them, and they fit so well that we never notice the covers are there.

    4. Does it fit the 2021 M3?
    Yes, it fits the 2021 model 3, please feel free to order and use it.

    5. How well do these block heat from the roof?
    I think they help with that issue quite well. However, over time I found other passengers seemed to complain more about not being able to see the sky like before than any concern for extra heat, and since putting them up/down every time car is parked was tedious, eventually, they began spending most of their time stored in the trunk (the shades, not the passengers). (Note also the car's safety setting for cabin over-heat protection when unattended.)

    6. Does this product block UV rays?
    Yes, It is, The model 3 roof already blocks 99% of UV, this is a mesh material so yes, it would physically block UV.

    Tesla Model 3 & Y Door Handle Decorative Cover Sticker

    Custom Design - This 4 piece set of customized ornamental automobile door handle sills protection accessories was custom-cut for Tesla 

    ABS carbon fiber tesla door handles cover trim protective sticker ideal and vital decoration for your tesla and makes it stand out and enhance the look of the vehicle body, developed particularly for your model, no sharp edges, will not harm the car

    Strong and long-lasting - ABS plastic car exterior door handle cover ornamental trim stickers with a matte carbon fiber design and long-lasting protection, with the benefits of environmental protection, non-toxic safety, great coloring, soft touch, anti-fatigue, and pressure resistance.

    Direct Replacement - 3m adhesive tape is pre-applied; attach using self-adhesive tape for an easy and accurate fit. Do not expose to large amounts of dust and do not clean within 24 hours.

    Service - Excellent external abs carbon fiber exterior accessories door handle cover for Tesla model 3 Y 2021, enhances the cosmetic impacts of your vehicle, ideal as a present. If you have any concerns about the vehicle door handle ornament cover sticker, please send us an email and we will respond within 12 hours.

    Applicable Models Tesla Model X S 3 &Y Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model 3 & Y
    Applicable Car Year 2017-2022 2017-2022 2017-2022 2017-2022 2017-2022
    Tesla Accessories
    Tesla Model 3 & Y Swiveling Screen Mount Kit

    Looking for a way to mount your Tesla screen in your car? Look no further than the Tesla Screen Swivel Mount. This mount is designed to fit your Tesla screen perfectly, and it swivels so you can easily adjust it to the perfect viewing angle. Plus, it's easy to install and use, so you'll be up and running in no time.

    Design: Model 3 Swiveling Screen Mount Kit Is Compatible With Tesla Model 3 2017-2018, 2019 2020, 2021, And 2022 And Tesla Model Y 2020-2021.

    Function: The navigation screen may be rotated 30 degrees and moved to the left and right.

    3 gears: 30 degrees to the left, 30 degrees to the center, and 30 degrees to the right.

    Rotate 30 degrees to the left, 30 degrees to the center, and 30 degrees to the right.

    Material: The bracket is constructed of aluminum alloy, while the base is constructed of high-strength ABS plastic material.

    Packing size: 250*235*80mm

    Applicable model:
    For Tesla Model 3/Y


    Color: luminescent silver (original car color)

    There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods, and tools.
    The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing lights, angles, and display monitors.

    1 X Navigation Screen Rotating Holder


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