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    Want To Know More About The Trunk Of The Tesla Model X?

    Aug 10,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Are you looking for an electric car spacious enough to accommodate your whole family and your belongings of all kinds? Have you looked at Elon Musk's brand? In addition to offering high-performance vehicles, it markets a 7-seater SUV, the Tesla Model X. To find out if it corresponds to your habits and needs, we are interested in its characteristics and in particular the trunk of the Tesla Model X . What is the loading volume? How to open and close the trunk of the electric SUV? We answer all your questions in this article!

    1 What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model X?
    1.1 Front locker
    1.2 Rear trunk

    2 How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model X?

    3 The essentials to remember

    What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model X?

    Front trunk
    Like the Tesla Model S, Model 3, and Model Y, the Model X also benefits from a front trunk, which reaches 183 liters! Very practical, therefore, this loading space allows you to store the charging cables of your car, but also your bags and why not your cabin suitcases when leaving for the weekend or on vacation. Enough to never run out of space and above all to optimize the available space to the maximum. Note that all configurations (5, 6, and 7 seats) have the same capacity. Finally, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, you should never load more than 50 kg in the front boot, under penalty of damage.

    At the back of the electric SUV, you will be greeted by a huge loading volume! Do you have or want to move towards a 5-seater Tesla Model X? In this case, you benefit from a large 1,050-litre electric hatchback, including the double bottom, which again is very practical.

    In the 6-seater configuration, the trunk volume drops considerably but remains very correct since it is 425 liters. Of course, you have the option of folding the third-row seats to obtain a flat floor. You then have even more trunk volume and it climbs to 935 liters.

    If you prefer the 7-seater version of the Tesla Model X, the trunk once again reaches 425 liters. Moreover, with the butterfly or Falcon doors, installation on board for the rear passengers is very practical. In addition, by folding the seats of the last row, the volume there reaches 957 liters.

    You will have understood that, whatever the configuration is chosen, you benefit from a gigantic trunk that not only allows you to load bulky objects but also to go on vacation without worrying about the lack of space for your passengers and all your luggage. By folding the last two rows of seats, you easily reach 2,000 liters of cargo. Unheard of in the SUV category!

    How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model X?

    To get started, you need to enable Park Mode on your Tesla Model X, then do one of the following to open the front trunk:

    touch Controls then Front Trunk on the touch screen;
    double-click the front trunk button on the key;
    Press the front trunk button from the Tesla mobile app.
    Then, all you have to do is pull on the hood to open it and access the "frunk" of your Tesla Model X.

    To close it, lower the hood until the stop is in contact with the latches. Press firmly on either side of the Tesla logo to engage the latches and securely close the front trunk.

    To open the rear trunk of the Tesla Model X, repeat one of the above operations. Alternatively, you can also open it by pressing the switch near the outside tailgate handle. To close it, you can do it from the touch screen, the key, or on the control located at the level of the lower part of the tailgate.

    Note: at the front and rear of the vehicle, an emergency opening button is accessible inside the boot.

    The main thing to remember
    Large families or motorists who do not travel light will undoubtedly appreciate the characteristics of the Tesla Model X, in particular its trunk volume which reaches more than 2,000 liters depending on the configuration chosen! To become the owner of the SUV, you will nevertheless have to arm yourself with patience, because the manufacturer currently favors the American market, which is also experiencing significant delays following the latest improvements made to the vehicle.

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