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    What Design Details Tesla Has Done To Optimize Aerodynamics

    Apr 20,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Closed front face design

    To achieve maximum range, it is crucial to direct the airflow quickly. A major feature of Tesla's design is that there is no large air intake grille on the front face, no so-called "middle mesh" and "big mouth". Most cars will have an air intake grille on the front face to ensure that enough air can enter the engine compartment for the radiator to reduce the engine temperature.

    Because there is no internal combustion engine, Tesla does not need a large air intake grille to dissipate heat from the engine. For this reason, we adopted a closed design, which not only adds a sense of refinement to the shape but also allows the front trunk lid to be designed to be lower and flat to optimize airflow and greatly improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle.

    Hidden Door Handle

    Every Tesla door handles feature a hidden design that reduces the vehicle's air resistance and enables longer range. Sensitive door handles that retract automatically while driving (Model S). Model 3/Y's door handle retracts automatically when released
    Low wind resistance hubcaps

    The 18-inch sports wheels of Model 3 are equipped with dark gray hubcaps as standard. The larger area of ​​the closed design not only has a beautiful decoration, but also meets the aerodynamic design, which can effectively optimize the wind resistance when the vehicle moves forward, reduce energy consumption, and improve cruising range.

    Active grille

    The active air intake grilles (automatic shutters) on both sides of the front face of the Model S and Model X to reduce the temperature of the exchanger will automatically close when not in use, blocking the entry of external airflow, thereby reducing air resistance. At the same time, it dissipates heat for the three power systems.

    In order to further improve the aerodynamic performance of the front of the vehicle, an active air intake grille is installed at the front of the Model S, which is located under the front face and on both sides of the front face. The active air intake grilles on both sides of the front face are well hidden behind the hardware trim that connects to the fog lamps. The fog lamp covers have also been carefully designed to optimize airflow into the cooling air intakes and across the front fascia, reducing turbulence.

    Flat Chassis

    Because the battery is flat on the bottom of the vehicle, the bottom of the Tesla is very flat, which greatly reduces the air resistance. To reduce driving resistance, the Model 3's underbody design features a molded plastic panel that prevents air disturbances. This front-to-rear system starts with the front bumper trim.

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