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    What Do You Know About The Trunk Of The Tesla Model S?

    Aug 10,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Have you decided to swap your thermal vehicle for an electric and you want to take the wheel of the Tesla Model S ? While there are more and more electric models on the market, Elon Musk's brand remains one of the benchmarks, offering high-performance sedans and SUVs. But before you get started, you need to make sure that the electric sedan meets your needs, whether in terms of onboard space or cargo volume. Speaking of the trunk of the Tesla Model S, do you know its capacity? Do you know how to open and close it? We take stock in this article!

    1 What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model S?
    1.1 Front locker
    1.2 Rear trunk

    2 How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model S?

    3 The essentials to remember

    What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model S?

    Front trunk
    All Tesla vehicles in the S3XY range are entitled to a front trunk and on the Model S, you will find 89 liters of storage in the front. Larger than on the Model 3, you can store your charging cables there in order to recharge the battery and recover autonomy at a Supercharger or a terminal from another network. Are you going on vacation with your electric sedan? Here again, this space is very practical, because you can store backpacks or small cabin suitcases there. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, that is to say not to load more than 50 kg in the front trunk, so as not to damage the mechanics.

    Let's go around the car to go to the back! In addition to offering you easy loading and unloading thanks to its electric tailgate opening, the rear trunk of the Tesla Model S is huge and has nothing to envy SUVs and other large vehicles. Indeed, count no less than 709 liters in a 5-seater configuration, without forgetting the double bottom, which allows you to carry even more belongings! In all, the Tesla Model S has a cargo volume of more than 800 liters. It is therefore an ideal electric car for families and those who wish to go on vacation with their racing car. And for even more space, you can always fold down the rear seats!

    With so much volume, one might wonder why the Model S sedan isn't available in a 7-seater version. Well, imagine that the first generation came equipped with two additional seats located in the trunk and facing the road. Moreover, according to several rumors, this variation should soon return to the Tesla Model S. Case to follow!

    How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model S?

    Before attempting anything, you must enable Park Mode on your Tesla Model S. Then, just choose one of the following options to open the front trunk:

    select Controls then Front trunk on the vehicle's touch screen;
    double-click the front trunk button on the key;
    or press the front trunk button on the Tesla mobile app.
    Once you have performed one of the above actions, all that remains is to pull on the hood to open it and access the front trunk or "frunk".

    To close it, lower the hood until the stopper touches the latches. To engage the latches and securely close the front trunk, press firmly on either side of the Tesla logo.

    As for the rear trunk of the Tesla Model S, it is the same operation, either via the application, the touch screen, the key, or from the button located under the exterior handle of the trunk. To close the trunk, you can do it from the touch screen, the key, or directly on the switch at the level of the lower part of the tailgate.

    Namely: at the front and at the rear, an emergency opening button is accessible inside the boot.

    The main thing to remember
    With more than 800 liters of cargo, the Tesla Model S does better than a good number of vehicles, thermal or electric, currently marketed. If it is this vehicle that you wish to buy, you will nevertheless have to spend no less than 99,990 euros, while no delivery in France is planned for the moment. If you are looking for an even more powerful version, you can turn to the Tesla Model S Plaid, but you will have to pay the price.

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