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    What Equipment Is Available For Tesla Electric Cars?

    Aug 08,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Are you looking for your next car and your attention has landed on the American brand of Elon Musk? Efficient and well-designed, Tesla models are among the most popular electric cars of recent years. Before going to checkout, do you want to know more about the equipment available in Tesla? You are in the right place! Indeed, in this article, we review most of the equipment and options available on the brand's vehicles and we help you choose your Tesla wisely.

    1. Comfort equipment

    2. Safety equipment

    3. What options does Tesla offer?

    4. The essentials to remember

    Comfort equipment
    Let's start with comfort equipment and the least we can say is that Tesla does not do things by halves.

    Regardless of the version chosen, the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y include several driving aids such as:

    adaptive cruise control.
    rear parking aid.
    lane departure warning.
    blind spot sensor.
    detection of traffic signs.

    the air conditioning system is accessible from the touch screen and allows control of the entire passenger compartment.

    You may know this, but these aids are, for the most part, available from the central 15 or 17-inch touchscreen, depending on the Tesla chosen. The latter also includes navigation and audio systems with immersive sound. You can access your music and other media via Bluetooth.

    By choosing the Tesla Model S sedan or the Tesla Model X SUV, which recently went through the restyling box, your rear passengers will also have the right to a screen to play video games with wireless controllers. From the center console, you can even charge your smartphone inductively or use one of the available USB-C sockets.

    Other comfort features on the Teslas include heated front and rear seats, while the front ones are electrically adjustable. The multifunction steering wheel, as well as the side mirrors, are heated. Speaking of the steering wheel, on the Tesla Model S and Model X, the brand introduces the U-shaped Yoke steering wheel, which is supposed to improve the driving experience. You also benefit from the large panoramic glass roof with protection against ultraviolet and infrared rays. Finally, on the new Tesla Model S and Model X, even the windshield is heated

    Safety equipment
    Obviously, Tesla does not overlook safety equipment since, depending on the model, the brand places 6 to 8 airbags to protect the driver and passengers in the event of a collision. There are then front and side airbags, as well as curtain airbags.

    In addition, Tesla vehicles benefit from:

    traction control.
    emergency braking assistance.
    the speed limiter.
    hill start assist.
    assistance anti-collision.
    the pedestrian warning system.

    To find all the safety and comfort equipment, you can refer to the owner's manual for the corresponding model from the Tesla site.

    What options does Tesla offer?

    If Tesla electric vehicles are very well equipped, the brand still offers several options on the outside, inside the Tesla, and for its Autopilot system.

    You will indeed have the choice between 5 body colors, pearly white multilayer being standard. By configuring your Tesla electric car, you can also choose your rims, among those standard or optional.

    On board, you can customize the trim, black or black and white on the Tesla Model Y and Model 3, while the Tesla Model S and Model X benefit from a new beige trim with walnut inserts. By the way, if you choose the large Model X SUV, you can choose the seating configuration, 5, 6, or 7 places.

    Regardless of the model or version, your Tesla benefits from the Autopilot system. However, you can improve it by adding several driving aids for an additional 3,800 euros. Note that you can include Enhanced Autopilot at the time of purchase or acquire it later.

    Likewise, the manufacturer offers the Fully Autonomous Driving Capability for 7,500 euros. This incorporates all the functionalities of the basic and improved Tesla Autopilot as well as recognition and reaction to traffic lights and stop signs. Later, this option should integrate automated driving in the city.

    The main thing to remember
    Now that you know more about the equipment available at Tesla, all you have to do is choose your car! So which of the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X or Model Y will you choose?

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