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    What Happens If Your Tesla Breaks Down?

    Aug 02,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla makes some of the coolest luxury cars out there. The cars have sleek looks, high-tech features, and exceptional performance. But what happens if your Tesla breaks down?

    If your Tesla breaks down, you can ask for roadside assistance. All you have to do is open the Tesla app and select Roadside Assistance at the bottom of the home page. Then you can proceed to select the problems your car is going through. You can also provide your location and the condition of your car. Tesla roadside assistance is very helpful, especially when your car is in poor condition or in a dangerous location.

    What services does Tesla Roadside Assistance offer?

    Breakdowns - If the car is no longer drivable, you will receive roadside assistance. However, the transportation service offered only covers up to 500 miles to the nearest service center. Therefore, if you are more than 500 miles from a Tesla Service Center, this service is not available.

    Lock Out - If your car won't unlock normally due to a bug in the car, app, or trailer, a breakdown technician can unlock your car by creating a small opening between the door and the vehicle frame to open the door manually.

    Flat Tire – If you have a flat tire or wheel damage that renders the car unsafe to drive, you can get tire service for up to 50 miles. So if you are more than 50 miles from a Tesla Service Center, this does not apply.

    In some areas, Tesla's trained roadside technicians have a limited number of rental bikes that they can use to quickly replace a punctured tire. So if you're lucky, your flat tire can be repaired right there.

    Dead battery - If you forgot to charge your car's battery and it dies on the way, you may have to pay for transportation to a Tesla charging station. Even if your car runs out of charge because it has been unplugged for a long period of time, you still have to pay for the transport costs.

    Note that out-of-range services are not a Tesla financially covered service. Contact Roadside Assistance to learn more or to schedule transportation of your vehicle if you are faced with any of the above scenarios.

    Is Tesla roadside assistance free?

    Roadside Assistance is a free service offered as part of the Tesla Warranty. However, if you are no longer under warranty and do not have an extended service contract, you will have to pay for roadside assistance. To determine if you qualify for Tesla Roadside Assistance, check the terms of your warranty document or service contract.

    Can roadside assistance come to my home?

    This is one of the biggest advantages of roadside assistance. Instead of going to a Tesla Service Center, you can contact roadside assistance and have them come to your home. If your vehicle's problem is covered under warranty, it will be fixed.

    However, if your car needs special attention, it will be transported to a nearby service center. That's because some serious Tesla problems require special tools to fix the problem.


    Which Tesla model is the most reliable?

    If you are looking for the most reliable Tesla model on the market, you should choose the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. According to consumer reports, the Tesla Model S is the most unreliable Tesla model and ranks at the bottom of the list of the most unreliable Tesla models. It is closely followed by the Tesla Model Y.

    The Tesla Model S is considered unreliable because it had various problems. The vehicle's air suspension, touchscreen controls, and main computers are experiencing issues. The Tesla Model Y had issues with body paintwork and hardware.

    Do I have to take my car to a Tesla Service Center?

    In the best interest of your vehicle and to protect your warranty, you should only take your vehicle to a Tesla Service Center. Taking your vehicle to a non-Tesla authorized service center for service or repairs may void warranty coverage if your vehicle later develops a problem.
    Luckily, if you need to bring your vehicle in for a service, you can easily schedule an appointment through the Tesla app.

    However, because Tesla offers remote diagnostics, easy over-the-air software updates, and support from mobile service technicians, Tesla owners don't have to go to the shop as often.

    Will my warranty be void if I don't have my Tesla serviced?

    Yes and no. Your extended service agreement may be impacted if you do not have Tesla serviced as recommended. However, your New Vehicle Limited Warranty or Used Vehicle Limited Warranty is still valid.

    Does the Tesla break easily?

    Tesla breaks down very easily and has one of the worst reliability ratings on the market. In fact, this car brand is second from the bottom in terms of reliability. It is estimated that most Tesla models have 250 problems per 100 cars, which is the second worst figure among luxury cars.

    However, it's worth noting that most of these Tesla issues aren't related to the powertrain, but to build quality. As such, it's still cheaper to service a Tesla despite its myriad quality issues than it is to deal with the more complex issues that come with servicing an ICE vehicle.

    Why is a Tesla so expensive to insure?

    This is due to the factors that many insurance companies consider before insuring a car. These include the price of the car and maintenance costs. Because Tesla is a luxury car brand, it has a high initial cost and expensive parts. Most insurance companies classify it as a luxury car and associate it with high insurance premiums.

    Simple and uncomplicated roadside assistance

    Unlike many other car brands on the market, with Tesla, you never feel stranded, even if your car gets stranded in the middle of nowhere. This luxury car brand has a roadside assistance service that offers you a variety of options in the event of a breakdown.

    All you have to do is open the app and access Roadside Assistance. It's as simple as selecting Roadside Assistance, selecting the problem, adding details like location, and selecting "Get Assistance". This puts Tesla in a world of its own.

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