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    What Type of Tesla Phone Holder is Best For Your Car?

    May 09,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    You can find different kinds of tesla phone holders. They can be magnetic, clip-on, or suction cup bases. Let's look at a few of these options in this article. Which is best for your car? And what type of tesla phone holder will you use? Here are some tips. Hopefully, one of them will work for your car. And if not, you can always create one yourself!

    Suction cup tesla phone holder

    A suction cup mount will hold your phone in place on any surface, including the air vents of your Tesla. These holders are typically washable and provide strong adhesion. Some are magnetic, while others may utilize clamps or magnets. Either way, these mounts will blend in with your Tesla's design. Some manufacturers have created creative solutions to the air vent problem, blending in with the OEM look of your car.

    One reviewer even flipped her truck four times while using her phone. The phone stayed in place, and she was able to operate her cell phone hands-free while driving. A cable clip is included to secure the charging cable. A one-step lever makes installation a snap. The holder also features rubber pads to protect your vehicle's surface from scratches.

    Some Tesla owners consider using a phone mount unnecessary. However, these devices make it easier to keep your phone in place while driving. Depending on how much space you have in your car, you can mount your phone on the passenger or driver's side of your vehicle. If you're driving an Uber, you may be using your phone while driving. However, if you're traveling on your own, a phone mount will prevent this problem.

    Magnetic tesla phone holder

    The Magnetic Tesla Phone Holder is a great way to hold your smartphone while driving. This holder allows you to mount your phone in several positions and directions, ensuring the best view while driving. This holder is made of durable ABS plastic and is compatible with a variety of cell phone models. It is even compatible with laptop screens of similar sizes. Its powerful magnetic force will keep your phone securely in place. This holder is the perfect addition to any Tesla driver's vehicle.

    The magnetic mount fits all air vent types and is backed by a sturdy, rubber base for stability. It's designed not to block the view out of your windshield, and the magnetic head doesn't interfere with wireless charging or call quality. Some types of phones may not be compatible with this device, so a case is a better option. It also features a swiveling feature for easy access and rotation.

    The magnetic car mounts are designed to work with the majority of cell phone cases, but some aren't compatible with thick cases. While most are designed to stick to glass, you should look for a mount that can adhere to a flat surface. A magnet that is too weak won't hold your phone securely. Make sure the magnetic phone holder you buy has a powerful magnet that can keep your phone steady even on bumpy roads.

    Clip-on (air vents) tesla phone holder

    Unlike the clip-on phone holder, which attaches to the vehicle's seat belts, air vents do not require a permanent attachment. Instead, they are adjustable and can be placed anywhere on the vent, including the passenger's side. Depending on the model, the suction cup mount may have magnets or clamps to hold the phone in place. In addition, these mounts blend in with the OEM design of the car.

    This air vent cell phone holder is a simple device to install. It uses gravity-linked technology to automatically release the smartphone when you take it out. The phone holder is specially designed for the Tesla Model S X and 3 Y. This phone holder allows multiple viewing angles. The spherical joint design allows the phone to be positioned at a wide-angle, giving you a clear view while driving.


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