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    Which Is The Best Tesla To Choose In 2022?

    Aug 14,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Between the different versions of Model 3 and Model Y, which one is made for you?

    If the Tesla brand attracts you but you have trouble navigating between the different versions available, this guide is for you. Discover the different vehicles in the range to see more clearly and determine which one will be best suited to your needs.

    Quickly becoming a must in the world of electric cars, the American manufacturer Tesla now offers different models, ranging from the compact Model 3 sedan to the luxurious and imposing Model X SUV. We will see in this guide the different vehicles on sale in France, at the present time, recalling their main strengths and weaknesses.

    The Tesla Model 3 is undoubtedly the quintessential electric compact sedan, and its excellent sales figures since its release in 2019 in Europe can attest to that. It was even the best-selling electric car in France in 2021, no doubt thanks to the excellent price/performance ratio offered by its entry-level version: the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion.

    With its 60 kWh battery and its range in the WLTP cycle of around 500 kilometers, the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion has many advantages to claim, and can easily become the main vehicle in the household. The performances are not to be outdone, with a 0 to 100 km/h shot in 6.1 seconds, and the driving feeling is very sporty.

    However, there are two other versions of the Tesla Model 3 which offer even more autonomy (more than 600 kilometers), and significantly better performance (0 to 100 km/h in 4.4 or 3.3 seconds). These are the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive versions, which are the Model 3 Grande Autonomie and the Model 3 Performance.

    We have a comparison available between the Performance and Propulsion versions to help you in your decision-making process.

    • Dimensions (LxWxH)  : 4694mm x 1849mm x 1443mm
    • Trunk: 561 Liters at the rear and 88 Liters at the front
    • Battery capacity: 60 to 78 kWh
    • WLTP range  : 491 to 626 kilometers

    Available in France since the fall of 2021, the Tesla Model Y has quickly established itself as the electric SUV par excellence. It indeed combines the habitability of a large vehicle with the possibility of making long journeys without worry thanks to the network of Tesla Superchargers.

    With its rear trunk of 854 liters, it corrects one of the faults of its little sister the Model 3, with the help of a gigantic opening in the tailgate allowing luggage to be loaded for a whole family, without any difficulty. The entry-level model has a range of over 500 kilometers and sports acceleration: 0 to 100 km/h is announced in 5 seconds.

    For those who want even more power, the Performance version of the Tesla Model Y, manufactured at the Berlin factory, is also offered. The 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 3.7 seconds when the top speed reaches 250 km / h. This version is a little lower than the Long Autonomy version. Note that there is no Propulsion variant in Europe currently, only in the Chinese market.

    • Dimensions (LxWxH)  : 4751mm x 1921mm x 1624mm
    • Trunk: 854 liters at the rear and 117 liters at the front
    • Battery capacity: 78 kWh
    • WLTP range  : 514 to 565 kilometers


    The catalog of Tesla cars is not limited to the models presented above. Indeed, the American manufacturer has a few additional models which until then were not delivered in France. The Model S and Model X arrive in France and are already available on the Tesla site.

    Announced with great fanfare at the end of 2020, the new Tesla Model S has still not arrived in Europe yet. The archetype of the luxury electric sedan offers a high level of services and as is always the case with Tesla, excellent performance.

    In its most upmarket version, called Plaid, the Tesla Model S sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds and has a top speed of 322 km/h. Thought to offer the best in terms of performance, the Tesla Model S has not forgotten the comfort of the occupants either. The front seats are heated and ventilated, the soundproofing is at the level of the best and the suspensions are controlled to provide onboard tranquility that is among the best on the market.

    Finally, a steering wheel in "Yoke" format is now present on the Tesla Model S, replacing a traditional round steering wheel. It will necessarily take time to adapt to this new form of driving instrument, but Tesla seems sure that customers will prefer this format. The Model S Plaid is displayed at 138,990 euros.

    • Dimensions (LxWxH)  : 5021mm x 1987mm x 1431mm
    • Trunk: 709 Liters at the rear and 89 Liters at the front
    • Battery capacity  : 100 kWh
    • Range WLTP  : 637 kilometers (estimated)

    The Tesla Model X is the largest, most luxurious, and of course the most expensive model from the manufacturer. It combines all the qualities of the Tesla Model S in terms of comfort and offers even more space on board. Available in 5, 6, or 7-seater versions, the Tesla Model X is suitable for families who want to travel with a high level of comfort.

    If the interior is similar to that of the Tesla Model S at the front, it should be noted that the feeling of space on board is very different, in particular thanks to a windshield that extends to the rear of the front passengers. For the occupants of the second and third row, a screen available between the two front seats allows them to control the air conditioning, the heated seats, and the infotainment system.

    Finally, let's note that Tesla wanted to hit hard with its Tesla Model X, by offering both breathtaking performance (more than 1,000 horsepower is developed) and gadgets galore (the rear butterfly doors, or the doors at the front with motorized closure). It is displayed at a price of 141,990 euros.

    • Dimensions (LxWxH)  : 5057mm x 1999mm x 1680mm
    • Boot: 1,050 liters at the rear and 183 liters at the front
    • Battery capacity  : 100 kWh
    • Range WLTP  : 536 kilometers (estimated)


    The only vehicles that are available for order to date are the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y in France. If the American versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X are already available, Europe has not yet been served. If you want to learn more about the European versions to come, a complete file summarizes what we already know about these future vehicles.


    On Tesla's online configurator, two driver assistance options are available: Enhanced Autopilot and Fully Self-Driving Capability. Standard Tesla Autopilot combines active lane keeping with adaptive cruise control, so you only have to supervise the driving.

    The two configurator options allow you to go a little further than that, for a fee. Improved Autopilot adds the ability to make automated lane changes (you just have to turn on the turn signal), and also the "Auto Exit" feature, which offers you to move your vehicle forwards or backward. car from the Tesla mobile app.

    Fully Autonomous Driving Capability, on the other hand, takes all that and adds recognition and reaction to stop signs and traffic lights. In the current state of the software, it is not necessary to check these options when ordering, you can always buy them after receipt at no extra cost, directly from the Tesla screen or via the Tesla application.


    Almost all options are standard on Teslas. We can thus find a high-end audio system, heated seats, a glazed and tinted roof, a basic Autopilot with lane keeping and adaptive cruise control, a large screen with Wi-Fi, electric front seats, the heated steering wheel, heated and automatically folding side mirrors, heat pump… Note, however, that some options differ between the Propulsion, Long Range, and Performance versions.

    Be careful though, with the costs involved, Tesla is looking to remove some options. From 2030 cars will no longer automatically plan your journeys and it will be necessary to subscribe to an option to benefit from it.


    There are very few options on Tesla's online configurator: exterior colors, interior, wheels, and driving assistance. It is worth keeping an eye on the final price to be paid because, with the various ecological bonuses, the threshold effect can quickly be present.

    As explained above, the entire range is very well equipped as standard: in addition to Autopilot, heated and electric seats with profile memory for the driver, induction charging for smartphones, and the panoramic roof are especially included.

    After the month following delivery, note that you will have to pay 9.99 euros per month to take advantage of premium connectivity, which notably allows you to have the satellite view of the navigation, or to watch Netflix or YouTube via the data. cellular (this is only available over Wi-Fi where available).


    In France, Tesla has always provided two cables on delivery: a Type 2 cable for charging at public terminals or on a Wallbox, and a domestic charging cable for plugging into a conventional power outlet. For some time now, in the United States, the home charging cable is no longer supplied. The manufacturer may soon decide not to include it in France as well.


    Tesla's network of Superchargers is still growing and is often seen as a great competitive advantage. To learn more about one of Tesla's big advantages, our dedicated file is here for you. For trip planning, we also have a Tesla-specific guide.


    Unlike many automakers, Tesla does not offer dealership discounts. The rates displayed on the website are the rates that will have to be paid for all customers. You will have access to the same prices if you go directly through dealership salespeople.

    Note that the second-hand market is doing well and that Teslas currently have no difficulty in being resold correctly. We also have a file dedicated to the choice of a new or used Tesla Model 3.


    The powertrain warranty is 8 years, or approximately 190,000 kilometers (160,000 kilometers for the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion). During this period, if you have a serious incident with the battery or the motors, this will be fully covered. Battery degradation, if it exceeds 30%, will also be taken care of. Regarding the rest of the vehicle, the warranty is 4 years or 80,000 kilometers.


    A companion application is available with all Teslas, which allows you to make the most of this connected vehicle. Do not hesitate to consult our guide to better understand all its features. Note that Tesla develops the software that equips its vehicles, and there is no possibility of using Android Auto or Apple Carplay for example.

    Tesla offers a very complete application that allows you to manage your car remotely, there are many functions including unlocking, starting, launching OTA updates, activating Sentinel mode (remote monitoring) or Dog mode (to temporarily leave your dogs in your car), preheating or setting up the air conditioning, geolocation of the vehicle, etc.


    The smallest Tesla today remains the Model 3, which is often unsuitable for the city. A more compact future model is planned for the coming years, and we have a file that summarizes what we already know about this upcoming electric compact.

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