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    A Bucket And A Tesla Crashed Into Each Other, With Damage Of 800,000 In One

    May 22,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    A Tesla Model 3 vehicle was driven on the afternoon of May 19 on the M2 by a driver whose car is factory-fitted with front-to-back cameras, according to Budapest Motorists.

    The cameras captured the incident, which looks like a plastic bucket pulls itself off the platform of a van driving in front of the car, but Tesla isn’t scared of it. Nervous grinds take ten seconds out of the chicken game, but none of the participants give up, so the bucket and Tesla end up ruining each other.

    The end result:

    • In Tesla, the first bumper, the roof of the machine and the ceramic coating were damaged, the damage was 800 thousand forints.

    • It is not known exactly what condition the bucket was in, but it appears to have been damaged because it was as if small pieces had fallen from it in the collision.

    The Tesla driver didn't handle the bucket, he chased the truck and drove, but the truck didn't handle the bucket, didn't stop, and didn't respond, so he didn't admit damage.

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