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    A Tesla Phone That Allows You To Control Your Mind Without Even Having To Touch It

    Jun 12,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Founded in 2003, Tesla, the world's richest man who specializes in the production of electric cars, is also planning to launch several other brands under several trademarks.

    Current activities of Elon Musk

    One of his most successful's current successes is Starlink Internet Services.

    Nuralink technology

    Named the "Pi" of the Elon Musk line, the phone features a range of features, including the ability to connect to the Starlink Internet anywhere in the world, recharge the phone in the sun, and control the Tesla car, connect to the satellite, and so on.

    Most notably, those with neural link chips can mentally control the phone, making it more convenient for the disabled. Like Google Assistance and Siri, it can be controlled by the mind without words, making it even more convenient for the elderly and those who are completely immobile.

    While playing a game with a monkey with a chip

    The Tesla phone is expected to be available by 2023. Estimates range from $ 800 to $ 1,000

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