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    Autonomous Car: Tesla, The Main Manufacturer Involved In Accidents In The United States

    Jun 17,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The manufacturer concentrates the majority of accidents.

    According to a report, 273 accidents are linked to the brand's vehicles equipped with its driver assistance system.

    Self-driving cars – when they arrive – will be safer than humans in terms of driving. This is what the manufacturers of these vehicles claim. However, a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that several of these cars are involved in accidents in the United States. Responsible for road safety, this federal agency requires manufacturers to report incidents with those equipped with a driving assistance system (level 2) and autonomous driving (level 3 to 5) since June 2021.

    Between the end of last July and mid-May 2022, the agency received reports for 392 accidents with level 2 cars. These take care of steering, acceleration, and braking, but require the vigilance of the driver. driver, who must be ready to regain control at any time. Of all these incidents, 273 come from Tesla. The agency specifies, however, that the same accident can be reported several times by different entities and that the figures published "are not significant data in terms of safety".

    Incidents reported according to several criteria

    Only crashes where the driver assistance system was on for the previous 30 seconds are listed in the NHTSA report. This type of incident must also have involved a vulnerable road user, transport to the hospital of an individual, death, towing of the vehicle, or triggering of the airbag. The federal agency also indicates that the number of accidents must be related to that of the manufacturer's vehicles with a driving assistance system. And, Tesla is the brand that has the most in the United States. Aside from it, which has already been investigated by the federal agency, Honda is the only other manufacturer to report a significant number of accidents, at 90.

    Regarding cars with Level 3 to 5 autonomy, which is mainly tested, the NHTSA indicates that it has received reports for 130 accidents. The manufacturers dominating this market also reported the most incidents, namely Waymo (62) and Cruise (23). Others include Transdev with 34 accidents and General Motors, owner of Cruise, with 16 incidents.

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