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    EV from China: MG4 from €31,990, BYD and NIO part of a premium

    Sep 14,2022 | Tesmag

    MG, one of a growing number of Chinese electric car makers, revealed prices for the new European models on Tuesday. The company announced Tuesday that the compact SUV MG4 (pictured) will make its first German deliveries later this year, starting at 31,990 euros. Prices for other EVs from China were announced not long ago, and the launch is imminent. Initially, NIO only offered the ET7 limousine, which cost very little compared to the Tesla Model S. The same goes for the similarly formatted BYD Han and SUV Tang, while the Atto 3 also has a Hyundai electric car for €42,000 (without any funding).

    Various electric cars from China

    MG Motor, the brand acquired in the UK by Chinese state-owned SAIC Motor, announced the price of its MG4 on Tuesday. According to a statement, it costs 28,420 euros, which has already deducted the German manufacturer's share of environmental bonuses. Customers pay the sum and can then receive a government electric car bonus of 6,000 euros this year, and from 2023 they are expected to receive 4,500 euros if they sign up. The standard version of the MG4 comes with a 51kWh battery with a WLTP range of 350km, while the other two priced from €4,000 and €7,000+ have a range of 64kWh and a range of 450km.

    Chinese companies NIO and BYD are also about to start in Germany. As a smaller, younger model, NIO will initially only come to Europe with the ET7 sedan. While the first battery swap station has already been built in Bavaria, no prices have been announced outside of Germany so far. But like BYD's three electric cars, they are now known in part through an updated list from the Bafa authority responsible for paying environmental bonuses.

    According to this, the net cost of the NIO ET7 is 58,739.50 euros, before deductions are not further stated in Germany. Adding taxes, this makes 69,900 euros, of which a total of 7,975 euros in environmental bonuses (here 2,500 euros net from the manufacturer plus 5,000 euros from the state) have to be settled again. So you're paying almost half what you're paying for a Tesla Model S, which will start delivering Plaid again in Europe by the end of the year. Tesla has yet to announce German prices and dates for a more comparable Model S variant with conventional all-wheel drive.

    BYD Atto 3 between MG4 and Model Y

    BYD also hopes to deliver its first electric car in Germany in 2022 and has recently launched three models - no prices, but you can find this information on the updated Bafa listing for now. The smallest is the compact SUV Atto 3, which should cost at least €42,245 before the total environmental bonus, in this case, is €9,570. In terms of price, the BYD electric car is more competitive than the MG4 but still lower than the Tesla Model Y. Its new base version is priced at 56,956 euros before environmental bonuses.

    In Germany, there will also be the BYD Tang and Han, a seven-seat SUV and a sedan. Both are roughly in the class of Tesla Model X and Model S, whose German prices are quite high by BYD's standards on the one hand, but very low compared to Tesla: according to the eight-fat list, Tang is the only one named "The "flagship" version with the 86.4 kWh battery costs 71,400 euros; that's less than 65,000 euros net, which means you can temporarily get a German bonus totaling 7,975 euros. According to the listing, the BYD Han sedan, as an executive, comes with A battery of almost the same size and should cost 70,805 euros in Germany.

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