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    Heatwave In Texas: Tesla Asks Customers To Avoid Loading At Peak Times

    Jul 27,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The high temperatures are currently being troubled by humans and nature in many parts of the world. Due to a persistent heat wave in Texas, US electric car maker Tesla is now calling its customers to contribute their part to not be overloaded.

    • Heatwave in Texas adds to the power grid
    • Tesla asks customers to avoid peak times for charging
    • Powerwalls could also relieve the power grid

    Texas has a fragile power grid that has problems covering the increasing top current requirement and so problems have already arisen in the past. Mainly these would have been shown in cold fronts in winter, but this year there are problems with heat waves. In May, an early heat wave brought six power plants in Texas to a standstill.

    Tesla advises avoiding loading at peak times

    Even then, according to Electrek, Tesla reacted to these problems and introduced a new way to try a new in-Car warning to encourage Tesla owners in Texas to not find their cars if possible at peak times between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. to load.

    "A heat wave is expected to impair the power grid in Texas in the next few days. The network operator recommends that you avoid loading between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. when I was able to support the nationwide efforts to control the demand," said the notification of the Tesla vehicles.

    Now Texas is haunted by a heat wave again and the Tesla vehicles are showing the warning again. If the Tesla drivers stick to the advice of the US electric car maker, the Texas power grid can at least relieve this, but Tesla would also better help out with his power walls.

    Teslas Powerwalls could also help

    Teslas Powerwalls are able to feed electricity back into the network if it is needed. That would have an even greater effect than avoiding the charging of electric cars at peak times.

    As Electrek reports, Tesla has launched a virtual demonstration of the power of its electricity storage with Powerwall owners in Texas, with the aim of demonstrating the value of its energy storage with Arcot, the regulatory authority for power supply companies in Texas. Tesla asks Ercot to change some rules in order to compensate the homeowners to use their electricity from the house batteries. At the moment, they would not compensate for the attractiveness to help the network with their own home energy system.

    Nevertheless, Tesla had managed to convince 64 Powerwall owners in Texas to join the demo - however, significantly more would be possible. So there are hundreds of Powerwalls that could help the Texas power grid.

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