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    Is It Possible That a New Tesla Model 3 Will Last 20 Years?

    Apr 02,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Quite likely - but you might expect some battery capacity drop of 15%, maybe even 20%, depending on the amount of usage and charging style.

    As long you will stay with your stat of charge between 20% and 80% for most of the time and only occasionally go outside this range - yes, the car will most likely last for 20 years without major issues.

    At least this is what Tesla’s record is showing, especially with models which aren’t the earliest that Tesla ever produced.

    2. Why are most self-driving start-up cars relying on lidar technology but Tesla is using cameras?

    Musk is a big believer in AI and figured that ‘if people can drive with eyes’ so could AI and cars. It’s cheaper and required additionally to LIDAR (which literally measures distance using a laser) to enable reading of signs and identification of objects.

    So why not start JUST with vision and see how good you can make it?

    I agree.

    Contrary to largely disingenuous naysayer and Tesla-short reports, the TESLA FSD program is doing hugely well (as of 2022) despite delays and hiccups.

    it’s operating awesomely. It’s only criticized because Musk keeps claiming it’s almost ready. If you saw it in action as a lab experiment you’d say ‘this is the future of driving’.

    Both are true. It’s almost ready and the future. Maybe 2024.

    Tesla FSD drives like a person carefully negotiating difficult left-hand turns, pedestrians, dogs, reading signs and traffic lights, giving waypoints and unstructured roads nicely predicting upcoming challenges using ‘4D’ neural network AI technology producing unprecedentedly accurate top/birds-eye view for the computer purely from vision.

    It will work safely enough soon.

    3. Does Tesla offer car subscriptions? offer car subscriptions?
    In 2021, Tesla has already started supporting in-car purchases and subscriptions in its latest software update.

    Owners can purchase Premium Connectivity directly from the "center console" inside the Tesla. Tesla has been looking for opportunities to sell upgrades to owners by unlocking software features inside the car.

    Initially, car owners needed to log in to their Tesla account on the website to complete software upgrades, such as the Acceleration Boost or the Full Self-Driving package. Later, Tesla offered these upgrades directly through the mobile app, but it caused some problems. Some users have reported that they can't always get a refund after inadvertently upgrading. Now Tesla is taking it a step further, enabling upgrades through in-car purchases. Although Tesla didn't state it in the release, Tesla owners who got the new 2021.40.6 software update reported seeing a new "Upgrade" tab in the Tesla menu on the Reddit forum sageDieu.

    Currently, only Premium Connectivity subscriptions are available through the in-car purchase system, other upgrades like the Full Self-Driving Package are available through the app.

    An internet connection is standard on all Tesla vehicles. But in 2018, Tesla launched a new premium connectivity subscription service for $10 a month for more data-intensive features.

    Tesla has been trying to get more people to pay for the advanced connectivity features that come with new cars by letting users try them out for free, and this isn't the first time Tesla has introduced in-car purchases.

    In 2016, when Tesla sold Model S cars with a software-locked range, owners paid $10,000 to upgrade through car unlocking. Tesla now has a dedicated "upgrade" area inside the car, where owners can purchase and complete the upgrade.

    Why did Tesla cancel the Cybertruck?

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