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    More Germans Want To Buy An Electric Car, Tesla Just Behind Audi And Hyundai

    Aug 18,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The proportion of Germans who expect their next car to be electric has increased. This was reported last week by the consulting firm BearingPoint as the result of a representative survey of a good 2,000 people: 30 percent did not want a car at all, but 34 percent of the rest expected to buy an electric car next - a year ago it was 30 percent. There have been some shifts in brand interest. VW, Seat and Skoda stayed ahead, but recorded losses, all other brands including Tesla increased, in some cases significantly.

    Tesla is now behind Audi and ahead of BMW

    According to BearingPoint, the order of motivation for buying an electric car remained the same, but the weighting changed. At 42 percent after 46 percent in 2021, "ecological aspects" were again the most important factor. However, 25 percent of those questioned who were interested in electric cars chose “lower maintenance costs/lower service requirements”. A year ago, this proportion was still 18 percent. With less than 10 percent each, tax advantages, innovative spirit, and driving behavior were relatively insignificant in the current survey.

    The Volkswagen volume brands VW, Seat, and Skoda were grouped among the manufacturers (see graphic above). This group was considered in the survey for 35 percent of those interested in electric cars. It continued to lead, but lost popularity from 2021's 39 percent. In contrast, all other listed brands increased.

    At Tesla, however, this growth was relatively small, so the pure electric car manufacturer ended up just behind Audi and Hyundai together with its sister company Kia. However, the differences are minimal: 24 percent stated that a Tesla would be an option, while the figure for Audi, Hyundai and Kia was 25 percent. A year ago, Tesla, along with Audi and BMW, had reached 20 percent, while Hyundai/Kia was slightly below 19 percent. In 2022, BMW (together with Mini) had 21 percent, followed by Mercedes/Smart and Renault with 19 percent each.

    Electric car availability important factor

    A consultant from BearingPoint comments on these results in a statement. However, the current registration figures would show that not only that is crucial, but also the question of whether the demand can be met. In fact, the best-selling electric car in Germany in the first seven months of this year was the Fiat 500 Elektro, ahead of the Tesla Model 3. This brand is not listed individually at BearingPoint but summarized under "other manufacturers" with a total of 20 percent mentions as a candidate for purchase.

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