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    Small Differences, 4680 Battery Saves Hardly Any Weight

    Jul 27,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The revolution in production intended by Tesla has been postponed. The new Gigafactory in Texas started, unlike the one in Germany as planned with Model Y with a load-bearing battery package from its own 4680 batteries, but then returned to conventional construction such as in Fremont, China, and currently Grünheide. Some copies with 4680 batteries were nevertheless sold to external customers. And a YouTuber has now looked at how this model Y from Texas differs from that from the Fandont factory.

    More carpet makes Model y quieter

    In short, it is not much, at least if, like the moderator of the Kilowat's channel, you are content with an examination from the outside, instead of completely disassembling a Tesla Model Y from Texas like the advisory company Munro Associates. The two electric cars are almost identical, the moderator summarizes its impression. The painting is flawless in both cases, and it even finds a little better fit for the body parts at Model Y from Fremont.

    Otherwise, Tesla has donated a little more carpet cladding in the trunk and in the front of his Texas Model Y. In a measurement at highway speed, the YouTuber determines a 4-decibel lowering. Like the Model Y from the German Tesla factory, this also comes from Texas with the luggage compartment coverage that some customers lacked. On the other hand, the passenger seat no longer has the aperture instead of the button that was eliminated in May 2021 for the adjustment of the Lordosis support. This suggests that this function will no longer return.

    Because the Model Y AWD with 4680 battery from Texas has not yet been in the Tesla configurator, you have to search for the data. The Kilowatts names 280 miles and prices from $ 61,990; The usable battery capacity was estimated at around 65-kilowatt hours according to initial loading tests. The Model Y in the Long Range from Fremont (and now also Texas) has an all-wheel drive, officially 330 miles, and costs from $ 65,990. Tesla does not provide information about the battery here either. However, the usable capacity should be around 75-kilowatt hours, and the range of reach confirms this difference approximately.

    Tesla with 4680 battery hardly any easier

    The Model Y with a structural 4680 battery is at most revolutionary under the sheet. In fact, The Kilowatts looks at least under the Frunk pan and found that the front frame no longer consists of many individual parts, but of a single cast element. This and your own 4680 battery may save money in production, but apparently no weight. In the comments of its YouTube video, the channel added that the Model Y from Texas, despite less battery capacity and the front element, only weighs 10 kilograms less than the Model Y LR from Fremont.

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