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    Tesla And Other Electric Car Manufacturers With An Alternative

    Jul 18,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Associations should speak with one voice to politicians and the public, but in the car industry, they have a hard time with this given the different speeds of the electric car transformation. The Volkswagen Group, which is said to have threatened to withdraw from the German VDA in 2019, seems to have come to terms there in the meantime. At the European level, however, the car association ACEA has now recorded the second exit within a few weeks. An alternative lobby organization for Europe, in which Tesla is also represented, won another electric car manufacturer as a member.

    Disagreement over electric car demands

    The multi-brand group Stellantis did not explain its exit from ACEA in mid-June and mainly informed about the establishment of a new annual forum for freedom of mobility. Last week, Volvo Cars also announced its exit, probably for exactly the opposite reason, and also explained it: According to auto evolution, the company wrote that its own sustainability strategy could no longer be fully reconciled with the ACEA positioning.

    Volvo Cars, which has been on the stock exchange since October 2021 but is still majority-owned by the Chinese Geely Group, intends to stop producing pure combustion engines from 2025 and only pure electric cars from 2030. So the ACEA positioning wasn't aggressive enough for the company in that regard. Stellantis, on the other hand, may have wished for more vigorous resistance to EU plans to ban new combustion engine registrations from 2035. The group with several small car brands has warned several times that entire market segments could collapse if electric cars are not significantly cheaper.

    According to its website, the ACEA currently has 16 major automotive companies based in Europe as members, including Honda and several truck manufacturers in addition to the three German groups. From the end of 2022, there should only be 14, because then the exit of Stellantis as one of the largest and of Volvo will take effect.

    Tesla and 4 other manufacturers in alternative

    The Europe Association is thus weakened by conflicting interests. Volkswagen is also said to have caused unrest there, reports the Bloomberg agency on the current exits. For pure electric car manufacturers, however, there has long been an alternative with a correspondingly clear orientation: The Avere organization, which claims to have been founded in 1978, has dissolved this abbreviation into the European Association for Electromobility.

    Its 45 direct members include national associations from the industry on the one hand, and providers of electric cars and related services on the other (see an excerpt from the list above). Tesla itself is also among them, as well as Rivian and Lucid from the USA. From China, the electric car startup Xpeng was previously represented, and according to Avere, another one was recently added with Nio. Volvo Cars could soon find a new lobby home there as well, just like its Chinese sister brand Polestar, which is already all-electric. And should Volkswagen also switch sides, the ACEA alternative would be significantly strengthened once again?

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