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    Tesla: August sales exceeded 70,000 units, Model Y monthly sales hit a record

    Sep 08,2022 | Tesmag

    In the August sales data, Tesla once again released its green kinetic energy to full power with a delivery score of 76,965 vehicles. While the total delivery volume increased by 173% month-on-month, the Model Y set a monthly delivery record of 62,169 units, an increase of 295% month-on-month and a year-on-year increase of 261%, ranking first in overall passenger car sales in August. Careful netizens have calculated that the sales of Model Y's bicycles are more than 10 times that of the second place. As Elon Musk boldly predicted: "Model Y is expected to be the best-selling car in the world."

    What is particularly eye-catching is that the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory achieved 399,939 deliveries from January to August, just over 80,000 vehicles away from the 484,130 vehicles delivered in 2021, of which nearly 160,000 were exported. The domestic delivery of more than 240,000 vehicles has once again confirmed that under the strong leadership of Tesla, Chinese users' concept and support for electric vehicles have reached an unprecedented inflection point.

    As a concrete representation of the overall layout from a global perspective and China's localization and operation, while accelerating the promotion of new energy vehicle production standards and efficiency, Tesla is also striving to build a complete local ecological chain of the new energy industry, contributing to China's "double economic cycle". "The pattern builds internal power.

    At present, Tesla's localization rate has reached an astonishing 95% or more. It has not only cultivated the "Tesla Friends" as the main support, but also covered the whole industry of new energy vehicles such as bodies, car chips, automatic driving systems, and new materials. The "safe, self-help and controllable" industrial ecology has also driven cluster effects such as the Lingang New Area and Tesla's "4-hour circle of friends" in the Yangtze River Delta region, injecting new vitality into the rapid development of the local economy.

    While Tesla continues to bring Chinese-made cars to the international high-end market, it is especially rare that many of its industrial chain partners cultivated with advanced industrial concepts, processes and standards have been active on the world stage. Continue to support overseas Tesla production, and establish world-class competitive advantages in many fields, let Chinese manufacturing change the inherent prejudice of "low quality, low price", continue to climb to the high end of the value chain, and gradually expand the international presence of Chinese enterprises The right to speak and influence on the stage.

    When the battery life is limited, the controllability is poor, but the high-priced pure electric vehicles flood the market, and when consumers agree that "pure electric vehicles are still decades away", Tesla is decisive The innovation and technological breakthroughs have made the luxury cars with acceleration comparable to supercars, with both safety and comfort, intelligent leapfrog improvement, and complete entertainment functions, evolved from "out of reach" with millions of dollars to "reachable" with only more than 200,000 yuan. ", purely electric travel has also changed from a wait-and-see approach to a "travel trend" that represents fashion and the future, and Tesla has thus become a "reliable smart car's pure electric reference template".

    Recently, in Yiyang City, Hunan Province, Tesla dropped its 9,000th super-charging pile in mainland China, adding an important part to the super-charging network that lasted for 8 years. With the completion and opening of Tesla's Yiyang supercharging station, Hunan Province has also achieved supercharging network coverage of all prefecture-level cities, adding a touch of green energy to Sanxiang and Sishui.

    Compared to when Tesla first entered the Chinese market in 2014, consumers chose new energy vehicles only for licenses. Nowadays, new energy vehicles represented by Tesla have been well received and trusted by consumers. Especially against the backdrop of rising oil prices, people not only admire Tesla's technical advantages but are also willing to let their pure electric travel. Contribute to the sustainable development of mankind.

    It is worth mentioning that with the increase in the capacity utilization rate of Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory, the delivery time of Tesla vehicles has been shortened from the previous 8-12 weeks to 4-8 weeks. The time is even directly shortened to 1-4 weeks, which will undoubtedly inspire more consumers who love Tesla to join the pure electric travel camp.

    While Tesla has achieved a 95% localized supply chain, it has also realized the talent layout from front-line operators to service system personnel, from cutting-edge technology talents to industry managers, and 99.9% of the talents in the entire industry chain are Chinese. These high-value-added employment opportunities provide high-quality new benefits for common prosperity.

    Tesla has created a working environment of equal communication and efficient communication for employees, encouraging employees to break through the inertia of thinking, break through their horizons, achieve higher personal goals by themselves, and provide each employee with a salary system and promotion channels that are envied by their peers. , so that everyone can truly become the main body of common prosperity, and create a better life in the future with innovation and progress.

    Tesla provides learning opportunities and an atmosphere for all employees so that they can not only learn very practical cutting-edge professional skills in the industry but also go to college within the company while receiving high wages and insurance coverage for the whole family.

    Tesla's internal support fund continues to make employees feel full of "belonging". In Tesla, employees can apply to the company for assistance funds when their family members are sick, or when they need to buy a house or get married, and Tesla will pay employees the corresponding funds to help them get through life. Difficulties.

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