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    Tesla Could Build A Gigafactory In Quebec

    Aug 07,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla wants to continue its expansion and produce two million vehicles per year by next year. To do this, more factories must be built. After the original factory in Fremont, California, the one in Berlin, and the other in China and Texas, Elon Musk mentioned Quebec twice in recent statements. Some people on condition of anonymity even hinted that Musk was in discussions with the province of Quebec. Mexico is the other place that is being considered right now.


    At the automaker's shareholder meeting this week, Elon Musk hinted at the possibility of a Canadian Gigafactory for the second time this summer.

    Indeed, the CEO reportedly answered an employee's question about future factory sites by saying that the next Gigafactory will likely be built in Canada or Mexico. Musk appeared to favor Canada after the crowd shouted out a number of possible locations for the next factory.


    Tesla is apparently in talks with the Quebec government over a potential deal that could see the provincial government invest billions in the production of batteries for electric vehicles that will be a supplier to Tesla's factory. Quebec offers a significant advantage by producing clean electricity at a low cost. If Quebec is chosen to be the site of Tesla's next Gigafactory, it would be the first time a production vehicle has been made in the province since General Motors closed its Sainte-Thérèse plant in 2002.


    No date has been announced for the construction of this future manufacturing plant, but Musk said Tesla's current priority in North America is to ramp up production at the Gigafactory in Texas, which opened in April. of this year. Nevertheless, the CEO said an announcement regarding the possible Canadian plant would be made later in the year.

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