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    The Tesla Model 3 Offers More Than Others

    Jun 27,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    An electric car in everyday testing: our Tesla Model 3 with 325 hp and a top speed of 225 km/h. An e-car is popular not only in Germany. But is it good?

    Tesla Model 3 in the everyday test

    Does that sound familiar to you? You know a person by sight, but you don't like him, you don't like him in any way. But you keep bumping into each other by accident. And at some point, you talk and realize: really a great guy!

    That's how I feel about the Tesla Model 3. My list of prejudices was longer than that of the extras you can buy. OK, not that many. But still.

    The everyday test with our Model 3 (from 52,965 euros) from like2drive was a positive surprise for me in many ways. If you want to get to know a car, you should clean it yourself, inside and out. I did this. Where are the cables hanging down? Where are sharp edges? Where is something lousy put together? What is wrong? What feels cheap?

    Honest answer: I haven't found anything that's really cheap and annoying except for the door handles. But they aren't installed incorrectly. Here, design and aerodynamics clearly take precedence over everyday use. Terribly fiddly.

    Is the Tesla Model 3 fun?

    The fun: Feels sporty in every respect. Acceleration 6.1 seconds to 100, 325 hp, rear-wheel drive. Everyone likes that. The design: There are prettier cars, 1000 percent. The front hood is too short and falls off too much. But I understood the effect: the driver doesn't see any sheet metal, he sees the road in front of him. That's on purpose.

    How good are the seats and material in the Model 3?

    The seats: More lateral support would be better, they're just not BMW or Audi sports shells. But you sit comfortably. In all places. The material: The quality is not top class, but good and the impression (here the puristic design helps) is pleasing. Some colors go better together somewhere else.

    What circuitry does the Model 3 have?

    The place: surprisingly much, also in the back. The 2.88-meter wheelbase is noticeable. The circuit: On the steering column arm, as with Mercedes. Practical, no question. The speedometer: There is no front-driver. I can understand that he misses customers. But the screen shows everything. With menu navigation like on a smartphone or tablet, you quickly get used to it. The voice control: great. Why can't everyone do that?

    How much range does the Tesla Model 3 have?

    The range: is 491 km according to WLTP, 300 are realistic, and more if you drive slowly. And slow means under 130 km/h. Always keep an eye on the ad. In the beginning, you think: Wow, he'll go a long way, after 100 km on the motorway at 150 km/h things look different. Good: The Tesla gives instructions: Now drive below 120 km/h, then you can still reach your destination. And of course, he knows all the charging stations. Good again: No charging card, no chip, no app, Tesla recognizes Tesla, plug in and it charges with 150 kW, very quickly.

    Tesla recognizes Tesla, getting electricity couldn't be easier. The panoramic roof pulled into the rear also looks good from the inside.

    How good is the entertainment on board?

    The entertainment: We're sitting outside in the restaurant, and the kids (there are three of them) are getting impatient because their parents still want to talk. A car parked in sight opposite. You sit down and start a racing game. The steering wheel is the steering wheel, and gas and brake are gas and brake. All eyes of the others in the restaurant wander to the car.

    The youngest steers, the tallest presses the gas/brake, and the middle daughter waits until it is her turn. Tesla time is not boring.

    Second example: At the traffic light, quickly press a button to park and use the outside loudspeakers. The voice is alienated (male and female) - but we have a lot of fun addressing familiar and strange people. Third example: Yes, the much-discussed fart pillow. It's pretty funny to fly up every seat in a crowded car. Can you find it good or not from an educational point of view, but I think about it.

    How much does the Tesla Model 3 cost?

    Power 239 kW (325 hp) • Battery capacity 60 kWh • L/W/H 4694/1849/1443 mm • Trunk 561 l rear + 88 l front • 0-100 km/h 6.1 s, top 225 km/h • Consumption (WLTP) 14.4 kWh/100 km • Price from 52,965 euros

    If cars are the smartphones of the future, but if cars sit around most of the time, what better way to use them? Only watching TV in the car is entertaining to a limited extent, what else is possible? Elon Musk says: "Whoever wins this fight, whoever has the best idea, owns the future." In any case, the Model 3 offers more than others. The prize: around 45,000 euros thanks to the e-premium.

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