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    Viele Tesla Model 3 und Model Y im Bestand, alle neuen vor Jahresende

    Aug 24,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    In Germany, there are now so many extras to choose from: According to the Tesla configurator, the Model 3 in the basic version and in the Long Range (LR) version will no longer be delivered this year if you order a new one now. Only the performance version should come at least between this December and next February. The Model Y doesn't look much better. In Switzerland, on the other hand, there are currently several dozen Model 3 and Model Y in stock, and all newly ordered ones should still be there in 2022.

    Switzerland with Tesla's special position

    For German customers, delivery before the end of the year would have particular financial significance, because the environmental bonus in its previous form, which has so far provided a 5,000 euro state subsidy for Model 3 and Model Y, will end in 2022. After it threatened to be dropped for many Tesla variants due to new price limits, a new compromise by the coalition instead largely continues the previous framework. However, it has not yet been decided, it provides for a reduction to 4500 euros and should end completely as soon as the budget is exhausted.

    In this respect, delivery times remain important - especially since long waits are not something that customers would appreciate. And for some reason, Switzerland enjoys a special position in Europe in this respect. In Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, and Spain, there was not a single Model 3 or Model Y available as a quickly available new car on the Tesla website in spot checks on Tuesday. For Switzerland, on the other hand, more than three dozen were reported.

    The Model 3 was quickly available in all three variants (see screenshot above), the Model Y only in the long-range version. The Swiss preference therefore mainly affects vehicles from the Tesla factory in China. The performance variant of the Model Y is produced for Europe in the German Gigafactory.

    Even new German Model Y earlier, however, even with current new orders, the Model Y Performance should be delivered earlier in Switzerland than in the country of production: According to the configurator, it will probably arrive to German customers between December 2022 and February 2023, so only maybe this year; for Switzerland, Tesla states November to December 2022. The situation is similar to the LR variant. Newly ordered Model Y LR for Germany only comes with 20-inch wheels for 2200 euros between December and February, without this extra Tesla is planning January to March 2023. In Switzerland, regardless of the wheels, it will remain this November through December.

    With the newly ordered Model 3, Swiss customers can also hope for much faster delivery. It should be there in every variant and equipment like the Model Y between November and December of this year, in Germany the Tesla configurator only gives the Model 3 Performance a chance for 2022. However, imports from Switzerland to other EU countries do not seem to be possible without further ado - otherwise, someone would certainly have started to take advantage of this temporal arbitrage opportunity.


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