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    What are the Tesla AP, EAP, and FSD functions?

    Jul 25,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    The full name of Tesla AP is Autopilot automatic assisted driving, and it is now divided into basic automatic assisted driving (BAP) and enhanced automatic assisted driving (EAP), while FSD is called Full Self-Driving Computer. It's fully autonomous driving. Let's first look at the functions of AP, EAP, and FSD?

    AP Basic version of the automatic assisted driving features include:

    Adaptive cruise, lane keeping (free)

    The new features of EAP Enhanced Auto Assisted Driving include:
    1. Automatic assisted navigation and driving: automatically enter and exit highway ramps or overpass forks, overtaking slow-moving vehicles.

    2. Automatic Lane Change Assist: Automatically assist lane change on the highway.

    3. Smart Summon: Under the right circumstances, the vehicle parked in the parking space will respond to your call, drive out of the parking space and go to your location.

    Coming later:

    1. Automatic parking: parallel parking and vertical parking.

    FSD fully autonomous driving function

    1. Including all functions of the basic version of assisted driving and the enhanced version of automatic assisted driving

    Coming later:

    1. Automatic parking: parallel parking and vertical parking.

    2. Recognize and respond to traffic lights and stop signs.

    3. Automatically assist driving in city streets.

    The currently available features require active monitoring by the driver, and the vehicle is not yet fully autonomous. Activation and use of the above features will require billions of miles of driving to achieve reliability far beyond that of a human driver; it also depends on administrative approval (which may take longer in some jurisdictions). Your vehicle will continue to be upgraded through OTA over-the-air software updates as the above autopilot features evolve and improve.

    Are EAP and FSD worth buying?

    Let's start with the conclusion, it's not worth buying right now. At present, only 1-2% of Tesla owners in China have bought the fully self-driving service (FSD, Full Self-Driving). The main reasons are as follows:

    The price is expensive but the function is just the icing on the cake EAP and FSD are priced at 4776 US dollars and 9552 US dollars respectively, and the functions provided are really good, but they are only the icing on the cake.

    The service strategy is unreasonable. At present, EAP and FSD are not following the car, which means that if you change the car, you have to buy it again. However, Tesla is currently introducing a monthly fee customization strategy, and the cost will be much cheaper.

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