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    Can You Plug A Tesla Into A 50 Amp Outlet? 

    Apr 20,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    My Tesla can be plugged into my NEMA 14–50 outlet in my garage, but as the wiring and the breakers in line to it will not support 50A I set my Tesla to charge only at 20A. My old home is equipped with only an 80A main breaker and the electrician I hired to wire my garage long ago when EVs were conversions using much smaller capacity lead-acid packs provided only for a 30A service. It is usual to stay below that maximum. Even when equipped to provide 50A the Tesla will only set for 49A. I added a 30A fuse box local to that outlet as safety in case of a guest trying to plug in another Tesla set for his more capably wired outlet.

    I have sometimes taken my Tesla-provided portable EVSE with me to visit distant relatives who only have 120VAC outlets they will let me use. When I change to that adapter, the Tesla automatically reverts to the 5–12A that I have set it to use with that type of plug.

    Back home again, switching back to the NEMA 14–50 plug, it automatically begins charging at 20A, not at 50. Some other EVs do need the EVSE wall adapter to have an internal switch in its set for the correct current, but Teslas can do it internally to the car.

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