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    Can You Supercharge A Tesla To 100?

    Apr 20,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Sure you can, but you shouldn’t if you don’t need to for two main reasons:

    First, the Supercharger charge rate slows down significantly as the battery becomes more “full”. So, while charging from 0–80% typically takes around 20–25 minutes, continuing to 100% could take another 25 minutes or more. Your trip will ultimately be faster if you limit Supercharging to ~80% except in situations where you absolutely need 100% to get to the next Supercharger. Thankfully, these situations are becoming rarer and rarer.

    Second, and less significantly, charging the battery to 100% accelerates wear on the battery. Doing so at Supercharger speeds may increase this effect to some degree. Please note that while it is literally true that fast charging and charging to 100% do increase battery wear, neither is likely to make a noticeable difference within the typical lifespan of a car.

    It’s worth noting here that many high-usage Superchargers automatically change the vehicle’s charge limit to 80% in order to encourage people to move their cars to make room for others. You can raise the limit once you’re hooked up, but again, unless you NEED more than 80%, it’s better for everyone to unhook and move your car.

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