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    How Much Does A Tesla Supercharger Cost To Install At Home? Supercharger Cost To Install At Home?

    Apr 20,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    First of all, you are not getting a supercharger at home, just a Tesla charger that can work on 3-phase 32 Amps 240V and below.

    I have mine set up for phase 3 25A 240V. It is quite fast at charging.

    My cost, besides the cost of the station itself, was quite minimal as only quite minimal work was needed. My electrician looked over my garage and found a hole there, not a hole in the wall but an electric pipe that was empty. He pushed through quite thick wires and they came out on the other side inside my electric tablet for the house. There he installed a breaker for the charger so it would not shut down my house if something happened.

    All in all the work was less than 2–3 hours. This was just a $200 or such.

    Now if the electrician needs to do a lot of work, like dragging cables through the house, spending a full day there, expect to pay a lot more. This is why it is worth having the electrician come to your house and look things over, check out and make a plan. Perhaps he/she will come up with a better plan than you thought.

    The cost of equipment is the bare minimum, a breaker box is cheap, and wires are cheap. It basically comes down to just how weird your house is, and how many hours this takes.

    But make sure you get a real good electrician. Without going crazy, this isn’t a lamp or a computer socket, this is a very high energy, lots of things can go wrong. This is something you don’t do yourself. You get a qualified person.

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