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    What Company Is The Biggest Threat To Tesla As The Dominant Seller Of Electric Cars? As The Dominant Seller Of Electric Cars?

    Apr 20,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    At the moment no one.

    Around 80 million cars are sold in 2021. Of those only 1.2 million are EVs. That’s just around 1.5%.

    Of those 1.2 million EVs, 1,000,000 are Tesla; they have 80% of the EV market.

    Everyone has a lot of catching up to do, No one else is even close.

    As long as they continue to sell 95% of their production as ICE vehicles, they are not going to catch up for a long time. They have simply let Tesla get a huge headstart and then are not even speedwalking to try and catch up.

    Why Tesla is going to stay ahead… two reasons:

    They are putting 100% of their R&D money into EVs - everyone else is splitting their resources
    They are getting millions of units of experience under their belt that no one else is getting

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