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    Tesla Model Y earns five stars in crash test

    Sep 23,2022 | Tesmag

    The SUV Model Y is the fourth model in the Tesla portfolio - and the safest. Because the crash test gave it five stars. 

    Presentation and price: Model Y starts at just under 57,000 euros
    The Model Y is the latest in the Tesla family. The SUV is based on the Model 3 and is the little brother of the Model X. The first copies were already delivered in Germany in August 2021.

    The Tesla Model Y is offered in three versions: In addition to the basic model, there is a range-oriented variant and a performance-oriented variant. Tesla also has a version with seven seats in its range. However, this is not offered in Europe.

    The SUV starts at 53,990 euros, and the range-optimized version costs at least 56,990 euros. A surcharge is due for full performance: at least 65,490 euros are due for the sports version.

    Tesla adds a processing fee of 980 euros to the basic prices, but the manufacturer's share of the environmental bonus (2500 euros) is already included in the price.

    Gigafactory: Tesla factory opened in Grunheide

    In the future, the Model Y will no longer come from China, but from the new " Gigafactory " in Grünheide (Brandenburg). The start of production, which was originally planned for July 2021, was delayed there because important permits were missing. Finally, the car factory was opened on March 22, 2022, after just 861 days of construction.

    At the same time, the first deliveries of the Model Y Performance with the seal "Made in Germany" started - the first 30 vehicles were even handed over to the customers personally by Tesla boss Elon Musk.

    The German Tesla plant in Grünheide was opened in March 2022: In the future, up to 500,000 models will leave the "Gigafactory" per year.

    The plant near Berlin is the car manufacturer's fourth gigafactory and the first in Europe. In the future, up to 500,000 cars, a year will roll off the production line from there, making the plant Europe's largest e-car factory.

    As early as November 2021, five cars were built on a trial basis in the 227,000 square meters "Giga Berlin-Brandenburg". More than 3,000 employees are already working at the new location, with up to 12,000 employees at full capacity.

    Facelift: According to the leak, the Model Y will soon be able to load more

    As a leak from the " Tesla Drivers & Friends " forum shows, there should be an update for the Model Y that, exceptionally, does not affect the software, but the hardware. Screenshots from a test program were posted there, listing various changes to the SUV and Model 3 sedan for the 2022 model year.

    The look of the Model Y will not change with the model update. Only the touchscreen's user interface should clearly differ from the predecessor.

    Apparently, the changes to the Tesla Model Y also include an increase in the permissible total mass. After the revision, you will probably be allowed to load more. However, the leak does not show how many kilos will be added with the update. In addition, the performance model is to receive a new brake system.

    The new "Super horn" combines a horn, alarm tone and external loudspeaker Other changes apply to Model 3 and Model Y together.

    After the Model S and Model X, the cheaper Teslas now also get the better AMD Ryzen processor with four cores for infotainment, as well as the new user interface for the touchscreen and a lithium-ion battery for the twelve-volt system.

    In addition, the rear window will be fitted with acoustic glazing and there will be a completely new function called "Superhorn". Horn, alarm system and external speakers are combined.

    According to The Verge, the merging of the three signals could be used to discourage Tesla owners from disabling the outside speakers. This is used to reproduce the legally prescribed warning noise for pedestrians and cyclists, which some drivers have probably turned off independently in the past. With the "Super horn", however, this would mean that the horn and alarm system would no longer make a sound either.

    The dimensions of the Tesla Model Y at a glance

    ● Length: 4751 mm
    ● Width: 1921 mm
    ● Height: 1624 mm
    ● Trunk: 854-2041 l (rear)/ 117 l (front)
    ● Towing capacity: max. 1600 kg

    Test: Model Y is extremely easy to drive
    AUTO BILD editor Hauke ​​Schrieber has already driven the Tesla Model Y in the USA as a "dual motor" with all-wheel drive: "I've driven Model 3 a few times, so the Model Y can't surprise me. The technology is the same .

    But even before leaving, the dimensions become clear: At 4.75 meters, the crossover is six centimeters longer, also seven centimeters wider and, above all, 18 centimeters higher than the Model 3. The difference can be seen in the huge storage space at the back, but above all on the back seat. Suddenly I (1.92 meters) have a lot of space over my head up to the huge panorama roof.
    Tesla Model Y

    There is nothing more than this 15-inch tablet in the cockpit. You can also watch Netflix there or play games – and much more.

    One thing can be said about driving: it couldn't be easier. If you're paying attention, it seems impossible to cause an accident with the car because cameras and sensors are also watching out for you. The acceleration is familiar, although it doesn't seem quite as blatant without the performance package. The roughness of the chassis on the bad US roads, on the other hand, is surprising.

    As far as the range is concerned, the promised 533 kilometers should not be achieved in practice, although a new software version has made Tesla more efficient. Oh, and because there are always complaints about the material and workmanship: Our rental car (not a press car) had gap dimensions without any complaints and showed no major signs of wear even after 18,000 kilometers." (Click here for the detailed Model Y driving report!)

    In the crash test, cars are tested for safety in four categories (adult occupants, children, pedestrian protection and assistance systems). The Model Y recently cleared all five stars, particularly convincing with the safety equipment. There were full points for the lane departure warning system and the environment recognition. The Tesla also did well in occupant protection, receiving 97 percent of the total score for adult protection and 87 percent for child safety.

    In terms of pedestrian protection, the Tesla left a few points behind, especially in the lower area of ​​the windscreen there is an increased risk of injury in the event of a collision. Overall, the Model Y performed best compared to its branded siblings.

    Range and drive: Up to 533 kilometers according to WLTP are possible

    Tesla offers two versions of the Model Y in Germany, currently both with all-wheel drive. The entry-level model is the one with "maximum range", which has an output of 378 kW (514 hp). Tesla states a range of up to 533 kilometers according to WLTP. The sprint from zero to one hundred takes five seconds, finishing at 217 km/h. If the maximum performance of the Model Y is to be called up, the "Performance" model with 393 kW (534 hp) is available.

    Technical data at a glance:

    The Tesla Model Y Performance sprints from standstill to highway speed in 3.7 seconds, and has a top speed of 250 km/h. Here the range shrinks to 514 kilometers, but this value is only an estimate so far.

    Later there will be an entry-level version with rear-wheel drive and 255 kW (347 hp). Unlike previous Tesla models, the Americans offer a heat pump for the Model Y. It improves the range, especially in winter.

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