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Carbon Fiber Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y

Fra $539.00 USD
Retain Heated Function

Do you think the original Tesla steering wheel lacks a technological sense? You can now customize the Carbon Fiber Yoke steering wheel. It can improve your driving experience, allow you to see the road more clearly, and give your Tesla a sporty appearance.

Hand-laid carbon fiber provides the thickest, richest, and deepest carbon fiber gloss and shine.

This steering wheel with a carbon fiber yoke retains its heating function. The heated function is only available on the Model 3/Y and comes with a heated steering wheel.


  • Made of premium White Nappa leather, this piece is both durable and comfortable.
  • Upgrade Tesla interior with gleaming carbon fiber for a sportier feel.
  • If you want your stitching to be a different color, just leave a note with the color of your choice.
  • The flat bottom maximizes knee clearance while adding comfort.
  • Included is a Trim cover made of lustrous real carbon fiber.
  • Yoke steering wheel with multifunctional wheel button.
  • To set your car apart from the crowd, replace the original steering wheel with a Yoke-style steering wheel.
  • When using autopilot, clear your view for a better driving experience and a more comfortable resting position.

We do not ship with AIR BAG

You Need to Use Your Original Air Bag

Model 3 2017-2023, Model Y 2020-2023(all cars, all models, all year)

Professional installation is recommended, however, self-installation is also very doable in less than 20 minutes.

For self-install, check out the video below.

Because this is a custom product, if there is no quality problem, we do not provide a return service.

Lead Time:  is 2 to 3 weeks for new orders 

We support personalization, you can send us the steering wheel you want, or send us an email directly to contact@teslaacessories.com

So the heating option for 2020 is a free upgrade with the purchase, does it work in conjunction with the heated seat option?

Your original steering wheel must have a built-in heating function, and it can be heated after installing our heated steering wheel. It has nothing to do with heated seats.

How long does it take to receive this custom Tesla Yoke steering wheel?

2-3 weeks, in most cases you can receive it in about 15 days. 

How difficult is it to install it? Any risk of airbags going off? I.e., DIY possible, or do you need to take it to a professional to get it installed?

It is not difficult to install at all, you can install it yourself, we recommend professional installation, and the airbag will not risk exploding. There is an installation video on the product page, you can watch it.

Is this for the American tesla car left side?

Yes, the yoke steering wheel can be installed on the left and right side of the driving position.

I hesitate between Nappa white leather, trapezoid-gloss and trapezoid-matte, Alcantara gray yoke steering wheels. do you have any good suggestions?

You can choose according to the style of your own car interior, such as the color of the car seat.

How do co-connect the heated steering wheel?

The heated steering wheel has one more wire than the non-heated steering wheel. Connect that wire to the heating interface of your car and it will work.

Do I use my current airbag centerpiece? 

You can use your own airbag centerpiece. Our package does not include buttons and airbags.

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Carbon Fiber Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y Carbon Fiber Yoke Steering Wheel for Tesla Model 3/Y