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Foot Pedals for Tesla Model 3/Y

Fra $19.00 USD

  • With these Tesla Model 3 pedals, you can give your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y the appearance of a Performance pedal!
  • Design of a non-slip surface that is safe to drive on and increases the friction coefficient.
  • Customized for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are generic, appropriate sizes.
  • Non-slip surface design with high-quality aluminum and rubber material, good fit and finish, and outstanding grip, and this performance pedal set look OEM style.
  • The drab original rubber coverings for the accelerator and brake pedals are replaced by this performance pedal set.
  • Available for Left Hand Drive (LHD) cars (North America, most of Europe, etc.) and Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles (UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and so on).
  • This pedal set has the same rubber composition as the Tesla factory pedals and needs some finger muscle to manipulate into place. They're not going anywhere once they've been installed. There is no need for drilling or welding.
  • Some customers have reported that putting the pedals in the sun for an hour before installation (with the rubber side facing the sun) helps relax the rubber and makes it more flexible for installation.
  • Remove the current rubber brake pedal cover (there is no cover on the accelerator). Reach behind the pedal and fold down the rubber along the edges to accomplish this.
  • To install the replacement brake cover, begin at the bottom and work your way up. Then, wrap the rubber around the edges of the pedal until it's completely secure. You may utilize your phone's camera to ensure that everything is in order.
  • Apply the same method to the accelerator pedal. A little finger slot on the right side of the rear of the pedal aids in the fitting.

Warm Tips:
1. Please maintain the surface clean and dry before installation, with no sand or dust.
2. Use a hairdryer to warm up the product and adhesive tapes before installation if the temperature is below 15 °C.
3. After installation, please keep the product away from moisture and dust for 24 hours.

Foot pedals due to the tight plastic underneath, installation will be more difficult, mind not to buy


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Foot Pedals for Tesla Model 3 / Y Foot Pedals for Tesla Model 3 / Y Foot Pedals for Tesla Model 3 / Y Foot Pedals for Tesla Model 3 / Y