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Tesla SpaceX Emblem

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Tesla SpaceX Emblem

You must like SpaceX if you like Tesla, right? The time has come to show your support for SpaceX. Our 3D Tesla SpaceX emblem for SpaceX enthusiasts is available for Model S, X, 3, and Y, allowing you to personalize your vehicle right away!

  • Installation: The tesla emblem letters use super-strong automotive adhesive and the ability to be installed without the use of any tools or drilling makes the installation of the SpaceX letters emblem badge a breeze.
  • Premium Material: Made of High-quality zinc alloy. Simple but outstanding car logo 3D modeling; Exquisite design, transmit the endless fun in your life.
  • Please do not wash the car within 48 hours.


Step 1: Remove any previous emblems. Pry them off with a putty knife after applying heat with a heat gun on its lowest setting.

Step 2: Clean the area where the emblem will be applied. To remove the adhesive from the previous emblem's location, use a specially formulated adhesive cleaner. Remove any remaining grease or dirt with rubbing alcohol and allow the area to dry completely.

Step 3: Make a straight line with the level and painter's tape to mark the bottom or top of the emblem. You only get one chance to apply the emblem, so make sure it's straight.

Step 4: Make the emblem. Remove the tape from the back to reveal the adhesive, or apply adhesive to the back. If you use adhesive, thoroughly clean the back of the emblem to prevent dirt from becoming trapped between the emblem and your vehicle.

Step 5: Use your painter's tape mark as a guide to applying Tesla Model 3 emblems to the car. To improve the glue stick, apply heat with a heat gun at its lowest setting once more. Hold the emblem in place for several minutes to ensure that it is completely bonded to the vehicle.

Includes: 1x Tesla SpaceX Emblem

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Tesla SpaceX Emblem Tesla SpaceX Emblem