Here is a new option at Tesla to prevent remote hacking

Nov 07,2023

Afraid of having your Tesla stolen remotely? An update will give you a little more control over remote starting.

Tesla has just launched a new feature for its cars that allows owners to say no to remote start. It's a plus for safety, but was it really necessary, or was it just to make people feel safer? This is the question that some are asking themselves.

Why this new option?

We sometimes hear about car hacking, but at Tesla, it remains very rare. However, the idea that a car can be controlled remotely without the owner's consent can be worrying. So Tesla added an option that cuts all that short.

With one of the upcoming OS updates, if you have a Tesla, you can go to the settings and disable remote start. This means that no one will be able to start your car from their phone when it is remote.

This new feature was spotted by someone with a Model X after updating their car's software. Digging through the service menu, he found an "Allow Tesla to Remote Start" setting. Basically, if you check this option, only you can start the car with your card or smartphone. Above all, enabling or disabling remote controls is an important nod to user privacy.

Teslas are not so easy to steal

The funny thing is that Teslas are already some of the hardest cars to steal. Studies like that of the HDLI Institute show that the Model 3 and Model Y are squarely at the top of the list of cars that are stolen the least, surely thanks to their security systems. Even the model

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