Partnership Program

TESMAG is looking for partners with EV content producers, influencers, events, and community/club organizers.

First of all, we don't accept free giveaways for people who want to upgrade their car for free.
We only accept mutually beneficial partnerships.

How can I partner with TESMAG

We're looking to form partnerships that would be mutually beneficial, where both parties in the partnership provide value to each other. Value isn't always measured in revenue or followers. If you think you have what it takes to provide value, let's be in touch!

ShareASale Affiliate Program

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• Tracking/payments managed through world-class Affiliate network — ShareASale

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• Commissions paid on all purchases made within 30 days of visiting the website

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• Collaborate with TESMAG on projects/content/product ideas.

• Receive discounted / free products in exchange for promoting TESMAG with unique, compelling, and entertaining content.

• Promote specific products or TESMAG as a one-stop destination.

• If you feel this might be a good fit, Email us at contact@teslaacessories.com with some background info, We will review your information and discuss any potential opportunities.