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    Want To Buy The Tesla Model Y?

    Aug 10,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    That's it, have you decided to get rid of your thermal vehicle in order to go electric? Although there are already many own models on the market, one brand is catching everyone's eye with its well-designed, high-performance electric cars. We are obviously talking about Tesla and if you are looking for an SUV, you have come to the right place! Indeed, in this article, we are interested in the latest addition to the range, the Tesla Model Y, and more particularly in its trunk. Does it meet your needs? What is its cargo volume? How to open or close it? We answer all your questions about the trunk of the Tesla Model Y.

    1 What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model Y?
    1.1 Front locker
    1.2 Rear trunk

    2 How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model Y?

    3 The essentials to remember

    What is the trunk volume of the Tesla Model Y?

    Front trunk
    The Tesla Model Y arrived on our roads in August 2021 and is already among the best-selling electric SUVs in France. It must be said that this vehicle has many strong points, starting with its roominess and its load volume. By the way, did you know that the Tesla Model Y has a trunk in the front? Indeed, by lifting the hood you find a space of 117 liters. Something to store all kinds of things, charging cables to connect to a Supercharger or a terminal, through backpacks, groceries, and why not cabin suitcases.

    However, the manufacturer reminds you that you should not place a load of more than 25 kg on it so as not to damage anything. The trunk at the front nevertheless remains storage not to be neglected, being very practical for departures on vacation, for example.

    Now let's go to the rear of the vehicle to discover a huge electric hatchback trunk. Although the Tesla Model Y is available in a 7-seater version in some markets, in France only the 5-seater configuration is in the catalog. Thus, you benefit from a boot volume of 854 liters in the 5-seater configuration, including the double bottom. By way of comparison, the version that incorporates the third row of seats sees its capacity drop to 363 liters.

    The total loading volume of the electric compact SUV is therefore honorable and has nothing to envy the competition. Finally, be aware that by folding the rear seat, you get a flat bottom and can thus load more than 2,000 liters. Convenient for transporting bulky items!

    How to open and close the trunk of the Tesla Model Y?

    To open and close the front or rear trunk of your Tesla Model Y, make sure you are still in Park mode. To open the hood of your Tesla and access the front trunk, you have several ways to do it:

    Press the Open icon from the vehicle's touch screen;
    double-click the key fob's front trunk button;
    or press the front trunk button from the Tesla app.
    Then, pull the hood to open the "frunk" and access or store your belongings there.

    To close the front trunk of your Tesla Model Y, simply lower the hood until the stop is in contact with the latches. To engage these and close the trunk properly, press on either side of the Elon Musk brand logo.

    What about the rear trunk?

    Well, it's very simple. You can repeat any of the above actions, selecting the rear trunk, of course. Alternatively, you can open it via a button located under the exterior tailgate handle. To close it, it's the same. Use the touch screen, and the Tesla key, or do it directly on the switch located on the lower part of the trunk.

    Namely: if a person is locked in the front or rear boot, they can press an emergency opening button, accessible from the inside, in order to get out.

    The main thing to remember
    Available for 64,990 euros, the Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV, but it benefits from a large loading space as evidenced by the capacity of the front trunk and of the rear trunk. You can indeed charge more than 2,000 liters in it, depending on the configuration of the electric car.

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