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    What Are The Disadvantages Of A Tesla?

    Jul 30,2022 | Chloe Lacour

    Tesla is undoubtedly the best electric car brand on the market. But before you spend most of your hard-earned money on a Tesla, you should know its pros and cons. Before we look at the advantages of Tesla, let's ask ourselves what are the disadvantages of owning a Tesla.

    Tesla has several disadvantages: high acquisition costs, high repair costs, declining battery performance, lack of interior design, lack of service centers, declining battery performance, low towing capacity, and high insurance premiums. However, it's a good idea to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

    Here are some of the downsides of the Tesla:

    High purchase costs
    The biggest disadvantage of Tesla cars is their purchase price. That's why Elon Musk has promised to build Tesla cars that will cost at least $25,000. Right now, the cheapest Tesla is around $41,000, which is pretty steep.

    Lack of Service Center
    Another problem Tesla owners face is the lack of service centers. Yes, Tesla does have service centers across the country, but they're not evenly distributed like other major car brands. Also, Tesla service centers take a long time to respond or schedule a service appointment.

    High repair costs
    Although Tesla is more reliable than mainstream luxury brands such as Mercedes and BMW, the vehicle can be more expensive to repair than traditional car brands. Because if you are involved in an accident, you may have to pay a lot of money to have the vehicle repaired. A simple dent, for example, will cost you over $7,000.

    High insurance premium
    Due to the high repair and maintenance costs and the unreliability of the vehicle, insurance premiums for Tesla are slightly higher. Therefore, you should be prepared to pay more than the industry average to insure your Tesla.

    Battery Degradation
    Another major disadvantage of a Tesla is that the battery discharges over time. As a result, you lose range and have to buy a new battery. This is more common in colder areas where the battery drains faster.

    Longer Repair Time
    If your car has a problem and you need to visit the Tesla Service Center, you may have to wait days or even months for a repair. Although Tesla is increasing sales and production of cars, there are few Tesla service centers.

    Quite Dangerous
    Like most pure electric cars, Tesla is very quiet in operation, which can be dangerous for the driver and other motorists. Since another driver does not hear the approaching car unless he sees it, an accident can happen at any time.

    Boring Interior
    If you compare Tesla to other luxury car brands like Mercedes-Benz, you'll find that Tesla's interior is a bit lacking. So if you want a luxurious and comfortable interior, Tesla is not the solution.

    Low towing capacity
    If you like towing things behind your car, the Tesla isn't a good choice. The reason for this is its low towing capacity. The only Tesla model with a good towing capacity is the Tesla Cybertruck.

    Poor build quality
    While Tesla may be popular for its technology, the build quality is poor. Buyers have complained about gaps, paint issues, and rattling in the past. This may result in you having to return the vehicle to the manufacturer to fix the problems.

    Faster tire wear
    Because Teslas consist of battery packs, these cars are quite heavy. Therefore, you may need to change tires after just a few kilometers.

    What are the advantages of owning a Tesla?

    Beautiful car
    Tesla makes some of the most beautiful vehicles on the market. This is mainly due to their minimalist design, which makes them attractive to many car lovers.

    Well-Distributed Supercharger Stations
    One of Tesla's biggest selling points is that it has well-distributed charging stations around the world. That means travelers aren't stranded along the way as they can easily charge their car.

    Little depreciation
    There are many luxury vehicles that lose almost 20% in value when they come off the showroom. A good example of this is a BMW. However, this is not the case with a Tesla, because even a used Tesla is very expensive.

    Fuel Cost Savings
    Unlike internal combustion engines, Tesla does not require fuel to operate. So you don't have to worry about rising or falling fuel prices or queuing at the gas station.

    Quieter Operation
    Unlike petrol-powered cars, Teslas are very quiet in operation, so you won't be bothered by noise on the drive home.

    Safety When it comes to safety, Tesla is among the safest cars on the market. That's in large part due to the Autopilot feature that Tesla offers.

    Advanced infotainment system
    Tesla has one of the most advanced infotainment systems on the market. Each Tesla is equipped with a large screen that makes it easy to operate the advanced vehicle.

    Self-Driving Technology
    This is one of the features that differentiate Tesla from other advanced vehicles. Thanks to the self-driving function, driving this car is fun and safe at the same time.


    Are electric cars environmentally friendly?

    Compared to ICE vehicles, electric cars are environmentally friendly. That's because they don't use gasoline that produces carbon dioxide that pollutes the environment. Therefore, electric cars can help to make the air cleaner and produce fewer greenhouse gases.

    Is it true that electric car owners get a tax credit?

    Yes, there are. Owners of a Tesla or any other all-electric car can get a tax credit just for owning an eco-friendly car. However, you must know the fine print associated with such tax situations. Still, you can get up to $7,500 in credits in some states.

    Why do people love Teslas despite its flaws?

    Yes, Tesla may have some setbacks, but that doesn't mean it's a bad car. Overall, the pros of Tesla outweigh the cons. Also, most people love Tesla for its high-end technology, self-driving capability, and excellent range. In addition, Tesla has an excellent network of charging stations.

    Bottom line
    Before you buy a Tesla, it's important to learn about its pros and cons. So you can make an informed decision and find out if you can put up with the disadvantages of a Tesla. The main disadvantages of Tesla motors include the high initial cost, degrading battery performance, high insurance premiums, and longer repair times.

    All in all, if you compare the pros and cons of Tesla, you will find that the pros outweigh the cons.

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